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Advanced Data Dictionary Architect is a multipurpose toolkit for designing, creating and maintaining the database layer throughout the entire application lifecycle.

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  • - ADDA - Advanced Data Dictionary Architect is a multipurpose toolkit for designing, data administration creating and maintaining the database layer throughout the entire application data administration lifecycle.
  • - DBDesigner 4 - Open source visual database designer for MySQL for data administration Windows software and Linux KDE/Gnome.
  • dbConstructor - Multiplatform database design, documentation and life cycle tool.
  • Grandite - Quebec-based supplier of SILVERRUN tools for relational data modeling, process / dataflow modeling, and UML / Java modeling.
  • Resolution Software - xCase offers automation and maintenance features to assist the database developer throughout the life cycle of the application.
  • Visible Analyst - Provides a common integrated platform and user interface data administration for software design functions.
  • Rational Rose Data Modeler - By integrating the modeling environment, Rose Data Modeler maps the object and data models, tracking changes across business, application and data models in a way that traditional data modeling tools cannot.
  • Datanamic - DeZign for databases is a visual data modeling data administration tool that can generate SQL scripts for most data administration leading databases.
  • Computer Associates - AllFusion ERwin Data Modeler - Data modeling solution that can help you create data administration and maintain databases, data warehouses and enterprise data data administration models.
  • ModelRight, Inc. - Software to design, visualize and document relational databases.
  • Telelogic AB - System Architect - Offers business process modeling, object-oriented and component modeling data modeling with software UML, relational data modeling, and structured analysis data modeling and design.
  • DATAbased Design & Decisions, Inc. - Creators of tDBD (tool for database design) that data administration generates data modeling generic database schema based on the genetic data administration signature of data modeling a business.
  • e-Modelers - Providing data modeling, UML, use case analysis, enterprise architecture, data warehouse and enterprise modeling services.
  • Joseph K. Loch Templates - Data modeling concepts and relational data model templates data administration for data modeling integrated enterprise data architecture.
  • BCP Software - CaseTalk - Conceptual modeling tool based upon natural language information modeling capable of generating BCNF databases, UML class diagrams and data warehouse star schemas.
  • Charonware s.r.o. - Vendor for Case Studio 2, a database design data administration tool. software Key features include visual creation of data administration ER diagrams, software reverse engineering, data flow diagrams, version data administration manager, detailed HTML software reports, and user permissions.
  • Wilson Consulting Services - DFDdeveloper - Open source software that allows Microsoft Office users to create interactive leveled data flow diagrams and data dictionaries.
  • Select Business Solutions - Provide modeling tools, component reuse, and service oriented data administration architecture software tools.
  • Oracle Designer - Model-based application development.

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