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Source code, analysis, design, programming, and project management for the purpose of creating integrated systems based on the 4th Quarter Accounting Solution platform.

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  • InfoService - Provides custom database solutions including analysis, design, programming databases and support developers services.
  • 4dpartners - 4D Solutions Partners in the United States and databases Canada
  • TEC Solutions, Inc. - 4th Dimension developers. Plug-in and SQL expertise.
  • Olivier Drut, 4D developer - 4D consultant and developer / 4D development developers Windows/Macintosh developers databases
  • Rietz Enterprises - Custom database solutions specializing in 4th Dimension including developers integration with developers World Wide Web and telephony systems.
  • Tech Solutions Inc. - Computer consulting firm specializing in the sale and development of computer software for web and client/server applications.
  • HD Industries, Inc. - Providing custom database software and systems support since databases 1990.
  • Jonoke Software Development Inc. - Makers of MediFileďż˝ - Gateway to the Paperless developers Medical Office. Registered Canadian 4th Dimension developer.
  • Molodata - Vertical market applications for real estate, construction projects, etc, plus developers custom programming. Based in Montreal.
  • DataCraft, Inc. - Offers software solutions for meetings, conferences, and trade databases shows. DataCraft databases also offer tools and support for databases 4th Dimension database developers.
  • Dr. Billy & Associates - Apple Macintosh computer, software, 4D 4th Dimension relational 4th dimension database databases development, professional eCommerce and web page site 4th dimension design freelance databases consultants serving businesses from San Diego 4th dimension to Santa Barbara.
  • Matrix Software - Developers of database publishing systems for the newspaper, developers retail, catalogue, developers print and publishing markets.
  • Data Relate Software - Customized cross-platform database applications, based in Ireland.
  • Braided Matrix, Inc. - Source code, analysis, design, programming, and project management 4th dimension for the purpose of creating integrated systems based 4th dimension on the 4th Quarter Accounting Solution platform.
  • Outside Technology - Marin County consultancy building custom client-server 4D systems for Macintosh and Windows. Publisher of Book\\'em!, a reservations system for outdoor recreation companies; ClassMaker, management software for language schools; and DataLicense, the securi
  • Cadence Development - Provides database consulting services using 4th Dimension and databases FileMaker Pro.
  • World-Wide 4D Developer Directory - Unofficial directory of 4D Developers.
  • - Specialists in providing high-quality, training, consultancy, products and databases bespoke development for all types of business requirements.
  • Business Brothers Software Products, Inc. - Custom and vertical market software developer and reseller, and systems 4th dimension integrator specialized in 4th Dimension since 1987.
  • Syncor Systems, Inc. - 4D and Oracle database consultants and publisher of 4th dimension Syncor\\'s developers Design Assistant. SDA is a method editor 4th dimension productivity toolbar developers for 4D.
  • Escape Information Services - Maker of the leading multimedia plug-ins and of other quality enhancements for 4D. Custom development of imaging plug-ins, QuickTime components, and industrial-strength optimizers.
  • Deep Sky Technologies, Inc. - Software and database consultants for direct market, custom, and internet enabled applications. Repected as one of the best 4D development shops in the world.
  • Wizdom Microsystems, Inc. - Developers of custom 4th Dimension solutions for business, research and technology firms of all sizes. Stand alone, client/server, SQL front ending, Web front ending. 15 years of database experience.
  • Mehdiward Information Systems - Services include database consultancy, software development, web integration developers and technical databases training.

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