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  • Escape - The homepage of QPix, QMedia, QuickList, BLOB Manager, and QFree
  • Internet ToolKit for 4D - ITK transforms any 4D database into an Internet databases server or databases client.
  • OLE4D plugin - Use ActiveX and OLE controls in your 4D databases application.
  • Braided Matrix, Inc. - Develops and markets 4th Quarter Accounting Solution (4Q) databases a multi-user databases accounting system for small to mid-sized databases businesses.
  • JCS Développement - Home of Rescue for 4D, Rescue for 4D databases Data, Emergency for 4D. Tools to repair databases 4D structure or data file.
  • Development and Database tools and books - Committed Software is the publisher of SanityCheck, DataCheck, 4th dimension Method 4th dimension Maddness, AutoDoc, and 4D Version Control software 4th dimension tools. 4th dimension It also publishes "Training Guide: Getting 4th dimension Started 4D".
  • Island Data Management - ZipCenter adds ZIP Code lookups and GIS searches to any 4D database. ZipCenter is fast, easy to use, and simple to install.
  • Automated Solutions Group - ASG is the developer and/or publisher of several databases 4D plug-ins.
  • Foresight Financials - Foresight Financials offers world-class accounting, management, sales/marketing and products inventory modules products in one, fully-integrated, single application system.
  • Foundation - Shell for 4th Dimension to create custom menus 4th dimension environments. databases Built-in support for 4D Write and 4D 4th dimension Draw.
  • e-Node - European portal for all 4th Dimension software and products books.
  • Climbway - 4D Office: Connect MS Office and 4D; 4D TAPI: interfaces 4D with phone systems
  • 4D Plug-ins on Info-Mac - Plug-ins include Color 4D and File Toolkit for 4th dimension 4D.
  • Rose - 4D Agenda: scheduling plugin. 4D Column: for display databases of lists. products VMySQL: connect mySQL and 4D. 4D databases Toolbox: some utility routines.
  • Jens Blomster's tools - Useful tools and plugins (eg RobotWatchdog, SimpleSQL)
  • Stuff-ToolKit for 4D - 4th Dimension plug-in that allow to use Aladdin 4th dimension Systems 4th dimension Stuffit Engine directly from 4th Dimension programming 4th dimension language.
  • A Dog And His Boy - LDAP4D implements the LDAP C API in a 4D sort of way. It allows 4d applications to perform LDAP client operations.
  • TEC Solutions - Plugins and components: TECS SQL, TEC Query, Soundex, TEC TCP

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