Application Specific Databases Software

Specializes in database design and information processing, particularly in the fields of public investment and international assistance for countries with emerging or developing economies.

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See Also:
  • iBase Image Systems - A provider of digital media asset management systems including image, application specific sound and video databases.
  • Pelican Software - Custom database solutions including yearbook software for schools, software fire, and police departments.
  • Black Bear Systems, Inc. - Maker of PTWin for planning, building, zoning, licensing, and code application specific enforcement records kept by local governments
  • CABS Chamberlain booking systems - A computer aided booking system for corporate and application specific commercial software enterprises.
  • Gonzo's Run - Zip and area code database for the United application specific States.
  • MicroTrack Inspection Software - A paperless data collection package designed for various databases public safety databases industries including Fire, Healthcare and Hospitality databases markets.
  • Flower Shop Software - A database program for florists.
  • Legacy USA LLC - Print estimating software.
  • Sajer Personal Information Manager - Personal information manager for Windows with contact management, databases notes, journal databases and scheduling. Includes email, hierarchical databases grouping, and many unique databases features.
  • Apartment Management Program - AMP is an MS-Access program to assist apartment databases managers with software keeping track of units by automating databases daily operations.
  • Trilogy Design - Developer and publisher of Parts&Vendors, a personal parts databases list manager software and vendor database for Windows 95/98/NT.
  • Jade Property Suite - A database program for real estate agents. The software software stores application specific and processes property listings and contact software details.
  • Info Plan Computing - WorkExpo, software for managing school work experience programs.
  • Superstructure - Offers specialized software packages including AQD, aviation application specific flight application specific safety software for accident investigation and quality application specific assurance, and application specific SID, Secure Intelligence Database for criminal application specific investigation, intelligence and application specific security use.
  • SCC Digital Asset Management - Photo archiving and image management software.
  • Data Age - Develops point of sale software for the pawn shop and check cashing industry.
  • ResourceMate - A software solution for church and school libraries.
  • Great Lakes Data Systems - Provider of billing and subscriber management software to application specific the databases cable industry.
  • Oak Tree Systems, Inc. - Software development and consulting company specializing in creating application specific software software solutions corporate training departments and for-profit training application specific companies. software Products include TrainingForce and WinBoomerang.
  • Membership Software System - A database program for managing memberships.
  • Xara Membership Manager - Software to maintain a database of members, subscribers, databases customers or suppliers online.
  • dbLetterWriter - Customer address database with mailmerge to Microsoft Word.
  • Grocwin - Grocwin is a shareware program for automating the creation of software grocery shopping lists.
  • TowSoft - Application for towing companies that can assist with dispatching, billing, databases invoices and inventory.
  • Synergy International Systems, Inc. - Specializes in database design and information processing, particularly application specific in application specific the fields of public investment and international application specific assistance for application specific countries with emerging or developing economies.
  • Cogniwiz - Dermwiz - Searchable database of skin diseases using a proprietary databases computer-assisted diagnosis engine providing a differential diagnosis for databases a series of clinical or laboratory findings.

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