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Program written in Visual Basic which allows you to process and manipulate your data in a easy and logical manner using a graphical interface.

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See Also:
  • CellarStone - QXchange - Data integration tool to access, integrate and manage data from extraction and transformation various systems.
  • IBM Information Integration Solutions - Provides a range of software solutions and products extraction and transformation data warehousing for data extraction and transformation.
  • BCD Software EZ-Pickin's - Report mining and data extraction tool from iSeries - AS400 databases reports.
  • DataMirror Corporation - Data replication and high availability software for business data integration extraction and transformation and e-business.
  • Syncsort Incorporated - System management software and database productivity tools including data warehousing data extraction and transformation transformation, data backup, and high-performance commercial sort data warehousing and data extraction and transformation manipulation.
  • DB Software Laboratory - Produces data integration software and provides IT consultancy databases for small extraction and transformation and mid-size businesses, education and government databases organizations.
  • Exeros, Inc. - Automate the discovery, documentation, and validation of source-to-target data maps extraction and transformation and transformations.
  • Cognos DecisionStream - ETL software for integrated dimensional data analysis, reporting, databases scorecards, and planning.
  • AdventNet - SwisSQL - Offers a data migration tool that transfers database databases schemas and databases data across leading databases.
  • MetaSuite - Data integration software that enables you to move data warehousing data data warehousing between data sources on various platforms and data warehousing so capitalise data warehousing on enterprise data in your e-business, data warehousing customer relationship management, data warehousing and other business-critical initiatives.
  • Crossflo Systems - Offering data-sharing solutions primarily for federal, state, and local government extraction and transformation agencies.
  • ODBCFace for Excel - Excel add-in that provides friendly upload / download connectivity to extraction and transformation multiple ODBC compliant ERP systems.
  • Evolutionary Technologies International, Inc. - ETI-EXTRACT moves and integrates data across the value databases chain and data warehousing multiple business processes. The product automates databases the writing of programs data warehousing that retrieve the data databases needed from any system, transform it data warehousing and load databases it into any other system while capturing a data warehousing databases com
  • MIMIX replicate1 - Information on database replication, application integration, data warehousing, database synchronization, extraction and transformation EAI, and ETL.
  • GSApps - ETLRunner - Data warehouse job integrator that allows you to databases monitor and extraction and transformation visualize your data warehouse load architecture databases including ETL, OLAP and extraction and transformation custom pre- and post-session databases scripts.
  • Coglin Mill (Australia) Pty Ltd - Developers of RODIN data warehousing software, an extract, data warehousing transform, load and management (ETLM) solution for building data warehousing data warehouses, data stores or data marts.
  • Data Loader - Tool to export, import, migrate and convert data databases between different extraction and transformation databases and delimited flat text files.
  • DataMystic Corporation - Text and data conversion, mining and transformation applications including TextPipe Pro, ResumePipe and DataPipe.
  • Apatar - Open source data integration software with connectors to databases common sources.
  • ESF Database Migration Toolkit - Transfer data across various database/file systems.
  • Embarcadero Technologies Inc. - DT/Studio - Data extraction, transformation, and loading software targeted at extraction and transformation small and midsize companies.
  • Fraser Stream Software Inc. - Text report transformation into CSV, HTML and XML.
  • Sunopsis - Java-based software that generates extraction, transformation and loading databases (ETL) processes without requiring a dedicated server.
  • Pervasive Software Inc. - Data conversion and transformation software products including Data Junction, DJEngine, and Cambio.
  • IKAN Group - ETL4ALL - Tool for combining data from a number of different sources data warehousing (relational databases, Microsoft Excel, CSV, etc), as well as producing data warehousing business reports on these data.
  • Clover - Open source Java based ETL framework which can extraction and transformation be used to transform structured data.
  • Scriptella ETL - Open source ETL (Extract-Transform-Load) and script execution tool databases with support for JDBC/ODBC, CSV, LDAP and XML databases data sources.
  • Business Objects Data Integration - Enterprise solutions include real-time, batch ETL tool and data warehousing packaged data warehousing solutions for building data marts.
  • Sankhya Technologies Private Limited - SANKHYA Translation Framework is a model driven framework data warehousing that allows specification, validation, translation and transformation data warehousing of data/documents.
  • Talend - Open source data integration software.
  • WhereScape Software, Ltd. - Offers WhereScape RED, a productivity tool that provides a framework for development and ongoing support of an enterprise data warehouse.
  • Epitech Software Inc. - Offers Integrator, a data transfer tool, and Tracker, a web-based data warehousing infection control application that includes data integration with existing records.
  • Software Labs, Inc. - Provider of ETL software including eXamin Data Integrator.
  • Informatica Corporation - Provider of data integration software solutions that access, integrate, migrate, and consolidate enterprise data across systems, processes, and people.
  • Data Manager Software - Program written in Visual Basic which allows you extraction and transformation data warehousing to process and manipulate your data in a extraction and transformation data warehousing easy and logical manner using a graphical interface.
  • WisdomForce Technologies, Inc. - Solutions for real-time moving data across heterogeneous systems extraction and transformation and provides software infrastructure for data replication, extract, extraction and transformation capture, transformation, movement and management of data from extraction and transformation one/ many database to one/many database.
  • Ab Initio Software Corporation - Quietly increasing the competitiveness and return on IT data warehousing investment data warehousing of the world\'s largest and most information-intensive data warehousing enterprises.
  • D2K, Incorporated - Data warehouse solutions for ERP environments. Tapestry data warehousing automates the extraction, transformation, and loading of SAP, data warehousing PeopleSoft, mainframe, and relational data into a data data warehousing warehouse or data mart.
  • CoSORT - High performance sort/ETL package for Unix and Windows platforms; used extraction and transformation for data manipulation tasks, speeding database loads and data warehouse extraction and transformation staging/integration, and mainframe migration.
  • Solonde - Supplies a suite of products to manage the data exchange extraction and transformation between data sources.
  • Quality Unit - Unit Miner - System for retrieving and mining content from web databases sites, documents, or non-structured sources of data.
  • KnowleSys Software Inc. - BlueWhale Information Extraction System extracts data from target extraction and transformation websites.
  • Data Jelly - Hosted software to build and run Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) processes.

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