InterBase Databases Software

A tool for administering InterBase servers. It provides a graphical interface for maintaining databases and database objects, managing table data, building SQL queries, and managing users.

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See Also:
  • ibWebAdmin - A web based administration tool for databases database servers.
  • IBPP - An open-source client interface that allows access from any C++ software application.
  • InterBase recovery tools and services - Repair tools and techniques. Common InterBase databases database corruption software problems are described.
  • The InterBase and Firebird Developer Magazine - A database development magazine with a free electronic software version and proprietary paper version.
  • Going Virtual - Zope (and Python) database adapter available as a win32 binary.
  • Interbase/Firebird Development Studio - Database design and management tools, including grant manager, interbase SQL debugger and query analyzer.
  • Clever Components Interbase DataPump - Interbase DataPump pumps data and helps to migrate from any software ADO/BDE/ODBC and all native Interbase/Firebird sources into Interbase/Firebird databases. Generates software SQL scripts to create Interbase/Firebird database based on given ADO/BDE/ODBC software source. Can be us
  • Easysoft - Commercial ODBC 3.5 driver, available with UNICODE support.
  • CopyCat replication suite - A set of Interbase/Firebird replication components for Delphi and C++Builder.
  • IBPhoenix - IBPhoenix Inc provides developer information and support services.
  • BrookStone Systems - Provides ibCollate collation drivers and the Collation Construction Kit.
  • InterBase - An open-source, high performance, cross-platform, SQL-92 RDBMS. Source code and binaries can be downloaded. Boxed sets, including documentation can be purchased.
  • Kinterbasdb - Module that allows access from Python.
  • Devrace FIBPlus - A suite of components for direct access to interbase FireBird and Interbase. Full support of SQLDialect 3, interbase support of array-fields, emulation of boolean fields, multi-table interbase and multi-transaction modification of data.
  • InterBase Objects - Delphi and C++ Builder components for access without BDE or ODBC.
  • EMS IB Manager - A tool for administering InterBase servers. It provides software a graphical software interface for maintaining databases and database software objects, managing table data, software building SQL queries, and software managing users.
  • IB LogManager - A data logging utility that is integrated into the database. databases Available as a stand-alone application, EMS QuickDesk plug-in, or IB databases Expert plug-in.

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