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Products that compare differences between database structures; that detect data differences between copies of databases; and that perform global search and replace on databases.

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  • Access Autopilot - Administration tool for developers and network administrators that facilitates scheduling automatic compact and repair, archiving, and compressed backups.
  • Jamie's Software - Offers several freeware and shareware utilities and programs add-ins and utilities databases that run under Microsoft Access.
  • RPT Software - Report Server helps with the creation of dynamic web-based reports in PDF, RTF, XLS or SNP formats.
  • Bunker Hill - Access-based rapid prototyping tools for building DB2 and Oracle applications, add-ins and utilities datamarts and data warehouses.
  • Manifold Database Commander - Utility facilitating the creation, browsing and manipulation of microsoft access Access add-ins and utilities 97/2000 databases.
  • NJH's Accessory - Free developer tools for toolbar, clipboard, attachment, and code management. add-ins and utilities Also search and replace; database comparison; export tools; job batching; add-ins and utilities button image library; and other utilities.
  • DBToFile - Database backup system that exports data to a flat file. add-ins and utilities Site is in English and French.
  • AAD Consulting - Provider of Access add-ins that support database visualization, project management microsoft access and structural documentation.
  • Sibental - Query-Blaster assists with building parameterised stored queries and add-ins and utilities writes the VB/ASP functions to call them. Other add-ins and utilities products for SQL Server and system administration.
  • Software Toolbox Data Viewer - Program to view, edit, and sort MS Access add-ins and utilities add-ins and utilities 97 database files.
  • Logico Solutions, LLC - Access database software, add-ins, and other useful information.
  • Clean Data Systems - UnTools, which consists of 7 tools to parse, databases explore, repair and improve data structures and data; databases and DataDict, a data dictionary generator. Freeware.
  • jomdev webware - Workgroup management; Jet connections monitoring; and consolidated user microsoft access account management tools.
  • Mile50 - Steve Nyberg - Free Access utilities including RFil for report filtering, databases FFil for databases form filtering, and P-Track permissions documentation.
  • In Touch Software - Outlook - Access Data Transfer for Office 97 databases (OAXfer) allows you to easily transfer your data databases between Microsoft Access (ODBC) and Outlook (MAPI).
  • Access2MySQL Sync - Bi-directional conversion and synchronization of MS Access and databases MySQL databases.
  • Rick Fisher Consulting (Find and Replace for Microsoft Access) - Developer of Microsoft Access add-ins (Find and Replace). Database microsoft access development (Client-Server, Access, SQL Server,...)
  • Saunders Software - Offers Data Reviewer, which assists in normalizing, scrubbing, and summarizing data.
  • Ammara DBPix Developers Kit - An image control which offers efficient storage of images as databases raw-binary (BLOB) data.
  • Intelligent Converters Software - Programs to convert MySQL databases into MS Access format and databases vice versa.
  • Osage Inside Access - A multi-function developer\\'s dashboard for MS Access with microsoft access active databases cross referencing.
  • SPEED Ferret - Find and replace utility for all database objects; add-ins and utilities object inventory reporting.
  • HALLoGRAM - A list of utilities to enhance Access database usage and administration.
  • Peter's Software - Access utilities and add-ins, as well as code samples and tips.
  • Data Reviewer 2000 - Microsoft Access quality assessment tools to scrub, clean, add-ins and utilities and normalize data. Change all forms of an add-ins and utilities entry (replace inconsistent entries) to a single form, add-ins and utilities and delete (replace with nulls) any unneeded or add-ins and utilities undesired entries.
  • Microtools Access to .NET Converter - Easy-to-use converter converts Access reports and forms into add-ins and utilities web-ready Crystal Reports and ASP .NET web forms.
  • Splitter for Microsoft Access - Splitter separates or splits names stored in one field into add-ins and utilities two or more fields.
  • IrieSoftware - Access to Visual Basic 6 Object Converter - Convert Access queries, forms, controls, macros, reports, and databases modules to Visual Basic forms and projects. Some databases free utilities also.
  • PIE Products Tool Suite and Components - Tools for design-mode spell checking; forms scaling and databases interface design management; menu management; security key tool.
  • ACC Technology - Database task scheduler; tools to aid interoperability with Word, Excel, microsoft access and Notes; help wizard; database object renaming tool.
  • MySql to Access / Access to MySql Converter - Convert databases between MySql and MS Access, with add-ins and utilities microsoft access all indexes and properties.
  • Code Crafter - Developer tools for error-handling, code commenting, and code insertion; code databases builders, formatting and clean-up; and code printing. Application development.
  • EasyTools - Shareware utilities from Vishwak Associates that support documentation microsoft access of Access database structure and password retrieval.
  • Software Add-Ins - Products that compare differences between database structures; that databases detect data microsoft access differences between copies of databases; and databases that perform global search microsoft access and replace on databases.
  • Database Creations, Inc. - Accounting and developer modules, various utilities and add-ins, training materials, and consulting services.
  • 4TOPS Add-ins - Components for Excel Import, Word and Excel mailmerge, data analysis, document management.
  • FMS Developer Tools - Products for database analysis, comparison, and statistics; automation add-ins and utilities of admin routines; code tools; code library; OCX add-ins and utilities components.
  • Access2PDF - COM+ software for programmers who want to databases dynamically publish microsoft access Microsoft Access reports to PDF for databases web-based and off-line applications.
  • Access Repair, Inc. - Offers a recovery utility that repairs corrupt or add-ins and utilities add-ins and utilities damaged Access databases. Supports Microsoft Access 95, 97, add-ins and utilities add-ins and utilities 2000, XP and 2003 databases.

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