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Offers an IDE for creating and managing database schema from SQL scripts, including macro preprocessor, syntax-oriented editor, schema decompiler and difference analyzer.

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  • Z-SQL - Z-SQL is a freeware language extension for Transact-SQL.
  • Lattice Business Software International Inc. - Lattice.SPGen is a XML/XSLT template-based stored procedure generator databases that supports the rapid development of database stored databases procedures.
  • SchemaToDoc - Transform MS-SQL schemas to Word documents; also allows databases annotation of database tables and fields.
  • UForms Unicode Report Software - Report writer for any ODBC compliant database.
  • Tangra - SQL Studio - Database tools for Microsoft SQL Server providing database tools and table microsoft sql server compare, merge, and synchronization for data.
  • Rapid Web Application Development Platform - DB3NF is a Rapid Web Application Development platform tools (RAD) designed tools for web applications.
  • AdeptSQL Workshop - SQL-based Schema Creation and Management Tool - Offers an IDE for creating and managing database schema from microsoft sql server SQL scripts, including macro preprocessor, syntax-oriented editor, schema decompiler and microsoft sql server difference analyzer.
  • Activecrypt Software LLC - Encryption for MS SQL Server and MSDE.
  • MSDE Administration Tool - GUI tool to administer the MSDE 2000 engine.
  • Verstand Ltd UK - SQL Servant, DBA-DB - Microsoft SQL Server consulting and administration tools such as SQL tools Servant.
  • Red Gate Software - Provides tools that make it possible to compare, databases back-up and databases synchronize the structure and data in databases Microsoft SQL Server 7/2000 databases and 2005 databases.
  • Database Development Tools for SQL Server - Krell Labs specializes in Microsoft SQL Server database tools. Utilities are designed to help DBAs and developers solve the mechanical problems of database development.
  • T-SQLEditPro - T-SQLEditPro is Transact-SQL code editor for Microsoft SQL tools Server.
  • Replacement for the Access Crosstab - RAC is a set of stored procedures for SQL Server that provides similar features as Access crosstabs. It contains functionality found in Access reports, Excel and Oracle that can help with solving different types of pivoting problems. By Steve Dassin.
  • MS SQL Sync Toolkit - MS SQL Sync Toolkit is a utility used microsoft sql server to compare and synchronize the structure and contents microsoft sql server of Microsoft SQL Server databases.
  • xSQL Software - SQL Server tools for database administrators and .NET developers that databases allow users to compare databases and synchronize and script database databases changes.
  • SBS Development - Publishes Automated-SQL-Builder, a SQL Server utility used to generate user tools defined SQL queries.
  • MSSQLRecovery - Data recovery software fixes corrupted or damaged database tools files.
  • Best SoftTool - SQLSourceSafe and SQLDBCompare - SQLSourceSafe integrates with both SQL Server and Visual SourceSafe for tools SQL script version control on different SQL Servers. SQLDBCompare is tools a schema comparison and synchronization tool.
  • Skilled Software - Publishes SQL Source Control, which offers source control tools and documentation versioning support for SQL Server with tools Source Safe support. Product description, ordering information, and tools support.
  • Total SQL Analyzer PRO - Total SQL Analyzer PRO provides analysis and documentation tools of SQL microsoft sql server Server databases and configurations.
  • Vale Software MSDE Manager - Management tool for MSDE.
  • Teratrax Database Manager - Tools and resources to help manage SQL Server and MSDE databases
  • LiteSpeed for SQL Server - An utility that speeds, compresses, and encyrpts SQL Server database tools backups.
  • Apex SQL Tools - Provider of RAD development software including auditing, comparison microsoft sql server tools and sychronization, code generation, data scripting, and web-based microsoft sql server tools database reporting.
  • Bradmark Technologies, Inc. - SurveillanceDB - Monitoring tool capable of overseeing the MS SQL tools Server environment.
  • SQL Test Suite - The technical goal of the test suite is to help evaluate an SQL implementation\\'s conformance to Entry SQL or Intermediate SQL, as specified in ANSI X3.135-1992 and ISO/IEC 9075:1992, through one or more standard programming language interfaces.
  • SQL Server Comparison Tool - Analyzes, compares and documents structure of tables, procedures, functions, views, microsoft sql server triggers and relationships, compare data stored in tables, generate detailed microsoft sql server reports.
  • CozyRoc LLC - Specialized in BI and data warehouse software.
  • Dbqwikedit - DBQwikEdit is a utility designed to create Transact-SQL tools code for microsoft sql server Microsoft SQL Server and other databases.
  • SQL Delta - Compares database structures highlighting differences and allowing fast tools direct synchronizing. databases Prints the differences and complete structures. tools Reports can be exported databases as HTML or XML. tools [Commercial, trial version]
  • Tool for MSDE and MS SQL Server - ExtraSQL is a fully featured tool for MSDE microsoft sql server 7.0/2000 and Microsoft SQL Server 7.0/2000 users and microsoft sql server developers.
  • e-dule Software - Publishes DB SynchroComp, a database tool that compares tools and synchronizes two SQL Server database structures.
  • OmniAudit - Adds auditing to MS SQL Server databases. Pick tools and choose microsoft sql server the tables and columns you want tools to audit. Automatically installs microsoft sql server triggers to track data tools changes.

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