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MySQL is a true multi-user, multi-threaded SQL database server in a client/server implementation that consists of a server daemon "mysqld" and many different client programs and libraries.

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phpMyAdmin* - Handles the administration of one or more MySQL servers over the web. Written in PHP.
MySQL* - The software's official homepage with news, downloads and documentation.

  • MyAccess - An AddIn for MS Access that allows the databases administration of software MySQL databases from within Access.
  • - MySQL discussion forum.
  • Mascon - A powerful MySQL administration interface for 32-bit Windows. mysql Free version available.
  • dbfConverter - A PHP script that reads dBase files (dbf, software dbt, fpt) mysql and converts them into MySQL tables.
  • MySQL Connector/J - A Type IV JDBC driver for MySQL (LGPL License; comes with source code).
  • Scaling MySQL Quickly - Slides from a talk given by Brian Aker, OSDN, at mysql the 2001 Database Summit.
  • MySQL 2 Excel KonvertR - A Windows tool that exports the contents of mysql a MySQL mysql database to an Excel workbook.
  • Jeremy Zawodny's MySQL Stuff - Includes articles, presentations, and software.
  • UR SQL Utility - Provides developers with easy access to their MySQL databases (Windows 95/98/NT).
  • Intelligent Converters Software - Offers software to convert MySQL databases into MS databases Access format and vice versa.
  • KMySQLAdmin - An admin tool for managing MySQL servers written software with QT and KDE.
  • DBTools Manager - A Windows application for managing MySQL database servers. databases Free but databases not Open Source.
  • Navicat - MySQL administrator for Windows, Linux and Mac OS mysql X.
  • MySQL Manager - A Windows-based MySQL administration and development tool. Trial mysql version available.
  • MySQL Documentor - Stores descriptions of MySQL databases, tables, and fields software in HTML Help format.
  • exportSQL - A free tool for converting from Microsoft Access software to MySQL. mysql Supports mSQL as well.
  • MySQLDAC - Components that give Delphi users direct access to software MySQL databases. software No BDE or ODBC required.
  • MySQL Backup Watcher - A Windows application for backing up MySQL databases. mysql Free trial mysql version available.
  • Perl MySQL Slow Query Log Parser - Reformats the Slow Query Log for easier comprehension.
  • MySQL Forum at Tek-Tips - A technical support forums and mutual help system software for users software of the MySQL database server.
  • Mac SQL - A port of the MySQL client APIs to databases MacOS. Also databases available is a driver for mSQL.
  • SQLion - A Windows-based administration and development tool for MySQL mysql databases. Shareware.
  • #mysql on Freenode - Wiki for the IRC channel.
  • Richtsoft - MySQL Dump Timer is a Windows application to databases backup MySQL software databases even if they are hosted databases remote in the web software behind firewalls.
  • MySQL Data Manager - A web based interface for database content and mysql structure management. Written in Perl.

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