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  • Data Dynamics Ltd. - Develop ActiveReports and DynamiCube, ActiveX components that provide olap OLAP and reporting facilities for applications written in olap Visual Basic. ActiveReports won Productivity Award in the olap 10th Jolt Product Excellence and Productivity Awards.
  • Dimensional Insight - Privately held company specializing in the development and software marketing of databases multidimensional data visualization, analysis, and reporting software software.
  • OlapX Software - OLAP multidimensional database creation and browsing tool that databases enables the databases interactive analysis, reporting and presentation of databases Microsoft Analysis Services databases.
  • Codework - 3-way TANGRAM - Desktop OLAP for Windows. Typical applications include databases sales analysis, olap marketing, and reporting, as well as databases budget and consolidation.
  • Geppetto's Workshop L.L.C. - AntMDX and AntSQL. Query technology for enterprise databases relational and multi-dimensional data sources.
  • SAS Business Intelligence - OLAP - SAS OLAP Server - a multidimensional data store olap designed to software provide quick access to presummarized data, olap generated from vast amounts software of detailed data.
  • Tek-Tips Forums - OLAP - OLAP technical support forums and mutual help system software for computer professionals. Selling and recruiting forbidden.
  • Ariel Alert - Business intelligence solution for automated scheduling and web-based databases distribution of exception reports, information snapshots and threshold databases alerts.
  • JPivot - JPivot is a JSP custom tag library that databases renders an software OLAP table and chart. Users can databases perform typical OLAP navigations software like drill down, slice databases and dice. It uses Mondrian and software XMLA as databases its OLAP engines.
  • Contour Components Limited - OLAP software for interactive reporting, data analysis and olap information delivery.
  • Oracle Express - Oracle Express OLAP products support strategic decision making databases across a databases range of enterprises, including government, pharmaceuticals, databases retail, utilities, insurance, health databases care, entertainment, manufacturing, brewing, databases banking, and telecommunications.
  • LogiXML - Business Intelligence and Reporting Software - LogiXML provides OLAP based business intelligence reporting and software analytics software software tools. .net based Ad hoc and software managed reporting software solutions.
  • PivotCube VCL - Offers OLAP solutions for Delphi and C++ Builder programmers.
  • Strategy.com - Personal intelligence network from MicroStrategy which actively delivers personalized, relevant olap and timely information to individuals via digital devices and the olap web.
  • The OLAP Report - Provides regularly updated, detailed and unbiased information on the OLAP market and OLAP products.
  • Gentia do Brasil - South American Gentia distributor with consulting involving Balanced Scorecard and software risk strategies.
  • Alta Plana: Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) - Collection of information related to Online Analytical olap Processing and software selected related disciplines including Data olap Warehousing (DW), Decision Support software Systems (DSS), and Executive olap Information Systems (EIS). Maintained software as a olap public service by Alta Plana
  • Information Builders - WebFOCUS - Business intelligence solution designed to support e-business and databases e-government initiatives.
  • Rapiddecision.net - RapidDecision is a business intelligence solution that uses real-time information software without regard to underlying ERP or dashboard applications.
  • Orenburg BOARD M.I.T. - Programming free, integrated multi-dimensional database for fast information analysis and olap modeling.
  • Mondrian - An open-source OLAP server written in Java.
  • KD Nuggets Directory - Data mining and knowledge discovery resources.
  • MicroStrategy Inc. - Provider of intelligent e-business software and services.
  • Radar-Soft, L.L.C. - OLAP component developer for creating BI solutions in such programming environments as Delphi, NET Windows Forms and ASP.NET.
  • Cognos Inc. - Business intelligence and business performance management software. Reporting, analytics databases software, budgeting software, balanced scorecard software, dashboards, ETL, and consolidation.
  • Microsoft OLAP Information - Mosha Pasumansky\\'s site containing technical information, whitepapers, utilities, software code samples and other resources about Microsoft OLAP software products.
  • QlikTech International AB - QlikView provides fast, powerful and visual in-memory business databases analysis – without the limitations, cost or complexity databases of traditional BI tools. QlikView can be deployed databases in days and users trained in minutes.
  • IAF Software, Inc. - Provides business intelligence solutions, including online analytical processing software (OLAP) management software and analytical tools.
  • German OLAP and Data Warehouse Forum - A list of links to white papers, (research) organizations, companies and product related to Data Warehousing, Online Analytical Processing (OLAP), and Data Mining. [English and German]
  • Sight Software, Inc. - Pro/Sight Process Intelligence software combines the process analysis software of Six software Sigma statistical decision tools with the software accessibility of Business Intelligence software software.
  • Business Intelligence Technologies, Inc. - BIXL delivers data from Microsoft\\'s SQL Server Analysis olap Server component, databases as well as other OLE DB olap for OLAP compliant cubes, databases right into Excel.
  • Business Objects - Business intelligence software and solutions including: enterprise reporting, databases query and olap analysis, data integration, and performance management databases tools.
  • Speedware Corporation, Inc. - Media/MR combines relational (ROLAP) and multidimensional (MOLAP) technologies software to deliver olap hybrid (HOLAP) analysis.
  • MIK AG - Provides OLAP software and services for performance measurement.
  • PALO - Open Source OLAP Server for analysis, reporting, budgeting, forecasting, and planning.
  • OLAP Insider - Provides interactive data visualization and data creation tools. By PEYO.
  • instantOLAP - Java OLAP and web reporting tool to perform multidimensional analysis on relational database servers.
  • Introduction to OLAP - Understanding OLAP technology by example.
  • Actuate Corporation - Builds Java based OLAP software for the enterprise olap and offers business process solutions for HR, Sales, olap Customer Service and Financial Services.
  • Hyperion Solutions Corporation - Develops high performance, OLAP software for business planning, software analysis, management databases reporting, and data warehousing applications.

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