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Technical advice and resources for Oracle support for Linux - including software downloads, sample code, installation guides, and discussion forums.

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  • Arkansas University - Help for users of SCT Banner, Oracle, and oracle UNIX.
  • The Oracle Users Co-operative FAQ - Answers to RDBMS related issues from the newsgroup comp.databases.oracle.server
  • Apps DBA - Oracle Applications DBA information including installation, technical architecture, and monitoring databases tools.
  • Werner's Linux Page - Installation guides for Oracle running under Red Hat databases Linux.
  • Pafumi - Oracle Articles: installation, tuning and configuration.
  • Ora-Error - Oracle error message search facility.
  • G & J Piper - FAQs covering both DBA and Financial issues.
  • TechTarget - Oracle and PL/SQL tips, tutorials, and scripts for DBAs and developers.
  • Oracle Technology Network - Documentation, tips and community help for all Oracle faqs, help, and oracle tutorials products.
  • Harman Research: Oracle 11g 10g 9i 8i SQL Scripts and Database Commands - Simple SQL Scripts for database administrators.
  • Yong Huang - Articles about Oracle plus a Windows version of faqs, help, and faqs, help, and tutorials tutorials oerr.
  • Jeff Hunter - DBA, development, tips and scripts.
  • Experts-exchange - Community site with questions and answers to Oracle oracle issues.
  • SS64.com - Command line reference for Oracle, SQL Server, Windows faqs, help, and oracle tutorials and bash. Includes data dictionary and database commands.
  • Jonathan Gennick - Published and unpublished articles and some presentations by Jonathan Gennick.
  • An Introduction to Oracle - Introductory Tutorials including SQL, PL/SQL, the data dictionary databases and Java. databases (in PDF and HTML)
  • Denis Klaroc - Oracle on Linux installation guides, tips.
  • Ora-Code - Every Oracle error message, e.g. ora-01555 = snapshot databases too old.
  • Oracle Error Code Reference - A searchable reference for oracle errors.
  • Oracle Database 9i Release 2 (9.2) - Online Documentation Library
  • Osmosis Latina - Tutorials based around the Oracle Certified Professional tests for Oracle faqs, help, and tutorials 8i Development and Configuration.
  • Oracle on Apple OS X - How to install Oracle on OS X.
  • Morgan's Library - Oracle documentation from Daniel Morgan, Puget Sound Oracle Users Group.
  • Database Specialists - Scripts, presentations, newsletters and a tuning tool.
  • Oracle Financials - Implementation of the 'Financials' application.
  • The OakTable Network - An informal organisation with news and articles covering the administration and development of Oracle based systems
  • Maggie Shapland - Oracle installation tips, also covers ODBC, SQL and MS Access.
  • Allexperts Oracle Q&A - Volunteer experts answer all your detailed one-on-one questions databases about Oracle oracle for free.
  • Hotsos - Oracle tuning software, education, and consultancy services. Library articles databases require registration.
  • Oracle Database 10g Release 2 (10.2) - Online Documentation Library
  • Brian Cryer - Collection of Oracle notes, covering error codes, troubleshooting oracle and tuning.
  • Material Dreams - Tools and Scripts for the Oracle DBA and Developer.
  • Oracle Documentation Search (Tahiti) - Search engine for the Official Oracle documentation.
  • Oracle's Linux Technology Center - Technical advice and resources for Oracle support for oracle Linux - including software downloads, sample code, installation oracle guides, and discussion forums.
  • Implementing Oracle RAC using Linux NBD - How to setup an Oracle Real Application Cluster without using databases a shared disk subsystem. A software solution of RAC implementation databases with standard Linux Network Block Devices (NBD).
  • PL/SQL Tutorial - A basic introduction to PL/SQL programming.
  • Oracle FAQ - An independent source of answers covering the software giant and its products.
  • Gints Plivna - Articles about Oracle by Gints Plivna
  • Akadia AG - Monthly tips and Oracle installation guides.
  • Monash University - A page of basic Oracle tips aimed at IT staff.
  • DBAzine - Technical articles covering database management and administration, from faqs, help, and tutorials a variety of authors.
  • HervĂ© Deschamps - Technical articles and white papers.
  • Oracle Documentation - Manuals for all Oracle software (including older versions)

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