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Specializes in the design and implementation of development tools for enabling Rapid Application Design for Web and Oracle Forms applications.

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  • Platinum Enterprise DBA - Manages RDBMSs (DB2 for MVS, Informix, Microsoft SQL oracle Server, Oracle, databases Sybase) across multiple platforms (UNIX, Windows, oracle Windows NT, and Windows databases 95) in distributed environments. oracle It supports database schema and object databases migrations and oracle full object alteration, c
  • NDS Systems, LC - Oracle based ERP software suite covering manufacturing, financial, oracle project management, third party solutions and distribution processes.
  • Norell Systems, Inc. - Specialists in the design and development of custom, Oracle-based business third party solutions applications on various platforms (including Windows NT and Unix) with third party solutions special emphasis on developing complex web applications which run on third party solutions Oracle Application Server (OAS).
  • Reilly & Associates, Inc. - Oracle Partner specializing in the consulting needs of third party solutions oracle food and chemical users.
  • TalentSoft Web+ (WebPlus) - TalentSoft Web+ (WebPlus) is a powerful tool third party solutions databases for developing dynamic Web sites and web-based client-server third party solutions databases applications. The power of Web+ comes from third party solutions databases its integration capability: sites and applications designed third party solutions databases with Web+ can incorporate information from
  • Runner Technologies, Inc. - Specializes in the design and implementation of development oracle tools for third party solutions enabling Rapid Application Design for Web oracle and Oracle Forms applications.

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