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Provides coverage of information technology, intelligence and insight needed to conceptualize, plan, initiate, implement and manage large-scale, integrated information-rich projects.

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  • comp.databases.pick - makes Usenet newsgroup postings available in the form of a daily email digest, or online on the Web.
  • Articles by Tom Packert - MultiValue/Pick-related articles originally written for and published in the Open Systems Database Association's newsletter.
  • The MultiValue Community Ring - Serves the MultiValue/Pick community by offering a Web publications ring of interconnected sites.
  • Pick/BASIC: A Programmer's Guide - Jonathan E. Sisk's online Pick textbook.
  • Database Debunkings - The web site that sets matters straight by pick dispelling fallacies, misinformation and confusion about database management. pick The forum for concepts, principles and methods and pick their practical implications that receive little, incorrect, or pick no coverage from th
  • IBM Software - U2 Library - Contains manuals, technical briefs, data sheets, white papers publications and newsletters for IBM UniData, UniVerse, SystemBuiler, RedBack, publications MITS and wIntegrate.
  • Bakken Software Services - Tips - Offers suggestions for better use of the MultiValue/Pick publications query language and Pick/BASIC.
  • MVtools - Offers the source code for MVtools, MultiValue/Pick database system building software. This set of over 350 Pick/BASIC programs can be used as a full 4GL development environment, or as a subroutine library.
  • TigerLogic - Documentation Library - Contains online manuals and guides for TigerLogic (Raining publications Data) D3, publications mvBase, mvEnterprise, mvDesigner, Omnis and FlashConnect.
  • Computers: Universe: Life, the UniVerse, and Everything - A page from Manny Neira\\'s personal Web site that offers databases an introduction to the IBM UniVerse database.
  • jBASE International - Documentation - Includes jBASE reference manuals for programmers, system administrators and Web publications developers.
  • University of Exeter - IT Services - UniVerse - Offers instructions on converting from PI/open to the publications IBM UniVerse database, and a number of online publications UniVerse 9.3.1 manuals.
  • Winter - MultiDimensional Database Management System - A free MultiValue database developed on Linux and pick designed around databases a Bytecode interpreter. Winter supports pick a superset of R83 databases Pick/BASIC syntax and intrinsics.
  • MaVerick - Open Source MultiValue Database Management System - The MaVerick Maintenance Team have put a project databases together to produce an Open Source Multivalue Database databases Management System.
  • Programmer Tools by Tom Phillips - Offers a number of freeware programs for searching, publications comparing and databases editing MultiValue/Pick data.
  • D3 Online Reference - A reference guide to the TigerLogic D3 database implemented using TigerLogic\\'s character-based online reference material and provided by Sierra Bravo Corporation.
  • Pick Professionals - A listing of MultiValue/Pick professionals maintained by Ronald Rumpf.
  • IBM Database Magazine - U2 Zone - Home to the latest tips and tricks for working with databases IBM UniVerse and UniData data server software. Browse the latest databases U2 news and read technical articles for U2 DBAs, data databases warehousing professionals, information architects and application developers.
  • B-TREE-P from Semaphore Corp in Goleta, California, USA - B-tree source code for the Pick operating system.
  • Database Trends and Applications by Unisphere Media, LLC in Chatham, New Jersey, USA - Provides coverage of information technology, intelligence and insight databases needed to conceptualize, plan, initiate, implement and manage databases large-scale, integrated information-rich projects.
  • IBM developerWorks - U2 Forum - Intended for developers and users of IBM UniData, UniVerse, U2 Web DE, SystemBuilder, wIntegrate, and U2.NET. The goal of the forum is to promote the exchange of ideas and solutions and foster communication between users and IBM.
  • U2-Users Discussion List - Gmane mail-to-news gateway offers a convenient Web interface to read publications mail from the U2-Users Discussion List as if it were publications news.

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