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A Windows tool to create, design or administrate SQLite database files with a code editor featuring code completion and highlighting. Free for non commercial use.

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  • SQLiteTool - Python based GUI Client for the SQLite Database. Precompiled binaries tools for Linux and Windows are available.
  • SQLiteManager - Multilingual web based tool to manage SQLite databases. Support sqlite is also provided for SQLite3 databases and works for PHP sqlite 5 [Open Source, GPL].
  • Sqliteman - Qt-based SQLite management tool. Provides a FAQ, screenshots, downloads and sqlite documentation.
  • TkSQLite - Tcl/Tk based GUI database manager for SQLite 2.8 databases and 3.x databases.[Open Source, new BSD style license]
  • SQLite Developer - Database manager with feature rich SQL editor, visual schema builder and query editor.
  • SQLite Administrator - A Windows tool to create, design or administrate tools SQLite database sqlite files with a code editor featuring tools code completion and highlighting. sqlite Free for non commercial tools use.
  • SQLite Database Browser - A light public domain GUI editor to create, sqlite design and databases edit SQLite database files, built on sqlite top of QT.[Public Domain]
  • SQLiteSpy - A fast and compact GUI database manager to explore, analyze, databases and manipulate SQLite3 databases. Free for non commercial use.
  • SQLite Expert - Administration tool to manage tables, views, indexes, constraints tools and triggers. A free personal version and a tools commercial one with enhancements are available.
  • SQLiteStudio - Database manager for SQLite 3.x, running on Windows and Linux. Free for non commercial use.
  • Sqlite3Explorer - Documentation and download of an administration tool. [Freeware]
  • PhpSQLiteAdmin - Download, installation tips, screenshots and a forum for an administration databases tool for Sqlite databases.[Open Source, GPL]
  • Firefox SQLite Manager - An add-on to manage SQLite databases from within Firefox.[Mozilla Public sqlite License 1.1]

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