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A program which displays either a completely black image or a constantly changing image on a computer monitor to prevent a stationary image from "burning" into the phosphor of the screen. Screen savers that are complete and free of charge can be listed here.

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See Also:
  • SE-Screensavers - A collection using animation and special effects of Mandelbrot screen savers or Julia fractal sets.
  • Free Screen Savers - A collection with preview images. Includes animals, holiday, desktop customization 3D, desktop customization space and religious.
  • - Shiva, flower and matrix 3D screen savers.
  • - A selection of animated screen savers, most created desktop customization with freeware Flash Actionscript. Includes animals, holidays, and nature.
  • Wikipedia Screen Saver - Rectangle Red Limited - Loads a random Wikipedia page on the screen freeware every few screen savers seconds.
  • ScreenSaver Life - Categories include animals, beauties, cartoons, cars, and freeware space.
  • TABASCO Animated Screensavers - Contains pepper plant, Avery Island, Mardi Gras and screen savers dance desktop customization hall images.
  • EleFun - Offers animated screen savers with nature themes.
  • Rapid Eye Software Design - The screen savers include ice crystals, flowers, and screen savers planet Earth.
  • Greenland Masks - Includes a variety of masks, a traditional way freeware of communicating freeware in the past.
  • Only Network - Offers hosting, web design, domain registration and SEO. desktop customization Douglas, desktop customization Isle of Man, United Kingdom.
  • Fine Art Screensavers - A collection featuring works from a variety of artists, including freeware da Vinci, Monet, Cezanne, and Vermeer.
  • OptiWinus - Screen saver spoofs including BenLaden, Men in Black, freeware Soviet communists desktop customization and aliens.
  • Ranxerox Screen Saver - Offers an artistic image.
  • Johnny Castaway - Marooned on a small desert island with one coconut palm, freeware he occupies his time with various activities.
  • Tickets of Russia - Shows a set of pictures of St. Petersburg.
  • Mike's Lego Cad - MLCad and LDraw compatible screen saver, supporting extensions from Mike\\'s desktop customization Lego CAD. Requires LDraw/LEdit package, linked from site.
  • MGShareware - QuakeSaver - A Windows screensaver that displays recent earthquake locations desktop customization on freeware world and regional maps.
  • Drempels - A psychotherapeutic screen saver and wallpaper replacement, that makes colorful, swirling, hallucinogenic patterns.
  • Yet Another Photo Screen Saver - Displays photos from Flickr, the hard drive, or desktop customization network. screen savers Will choose Flickr photos based on tags, desktop customization search text, screen savers or user name. [Requires .NET Framework desktop customization 3.5]
  • Screen Saver Mania - Screen savers include Sponge Bob Square Pants, Paris Hilton, and Lost, the TV show.
  • Clock Screensavers - Includes a variety of clocks, including a town clock, a screen savers love clock and a space clock.
  • The Matrix Screensaver - Inspired by "The Matrix" movie.
  • EIPC Screensavers - This collection includes balloons, asteroids and an hourglass. [not suitable for all browsers]
  • Remco de Korte Screensavers - Includes a dogfight theme, a painters canvas, and desktop customization a soccer field.
  • Screensavers - Tropical scenes, universe and cats screen savers.
  • Cloudeight Screensavers - A variety that covers wildlife, Christian-oriented, holidays, and nature. Additional savers are available to members. Free registration.
  • WWSaver32 - Use images as a custom screen saver with screen savers several options and transition effects.
  • TomSoft - Offers three screen savers, with previews and descriptions.
  • SaversPlanet - Landscape scenes from around the world.
  • Just Savers - Collection sorted by topic with preview images.
  • Screensaverfine - Offers several screen savers, including an Islamic theme, screen savers waterfall, fish and Harry Potter.
  • - Military and defense screen savers.
  • Feyruna - A fairy flies across the landscape. Feyruna Fairy Forest game also available. Created by Jochen Kaercher Gamedesign.
  • Quality Savers - Selection includes holidays, cars and sports.
  • Whirligigs - Aladdin and Disney screen savers.
  • VombaSavers - Features nature and animal scenes, in exchange for freeware the display of targeted advertisements.
  • GLT Chaos - OpenGL screen saver that displays two dimensional images screen savers produced by nonlinear equations.
  • - Offers religious themed screen savers, including Christianity, Buddhism, screen savers White screen savers Buffalo, Tibetan, Indonesian, and Enlightened Masters.
  • - Selection that offers mostly celebrity screen savers, with freeware a few desktop customization sports, recreation and holiday related.
  • XScreenSaver - A large collection of screen savers for Unix-like screen savers operating desktop customization systems. X11 and Mac OS.
  • BabySuperCenter - Offers two baby themes, one black and white, the other in color.
  • Coolscreensaver - A variety of screen savers, including celebrities, cars desktop customization and screen savers nature scenes.
  • - Animated and slide show screen savers, including a waterfall, clocks desktop customization and cars.
  • Rate My Screensaver - Downloads and reviews with thumbnail previews, descriptions, comments and ratings.
  • Freebking - Screen savers with the themes of nature, cars, freeware and animation.
  • Beyond The Physical Image - The screen savers available are photos from travel screen savers in screen savers China and Tyra Banks.
  • Wallpaper Screensavers - Offerings include celebrities, nature, movies, and cartoons.
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