3D Windows Shareware Screen Savers

Turns the screen into a soccer field with a game of soccer. Comes with several display options. Demo version available.

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  • Planet Lex Software - Several screen savers, with color and shape variations. Demo versions available.
  • Screen Savers 3D - Original post card ware screen savers by Dariusz Bryll.
  • Brewster - Simulates a kaleidoscope, with moving patterns that never repeat.
  • 3Deep Space - Images of the solar system, including Galaxy Journey and Supernova. windows Demos available.
  • 3D Relax - Animated screen savers include a fireplace, lightning storm, windows and nature scenes. Also offers a free 3D windows games section.
  • 3D Screen savers - A collection that presents digital photos in 3d futuristic 3D 3d environments.
  • Bright Bug Software - Includes clock, museum and morphing screen savers. Trial version available.
  • Cool Captions - An animated screen saver and screen saver creator with 3D windows text, and digital clock. Trial version available.
  • WeiserWare: PolyMorph3D - Kaleidoscope-like patterns morph, rotate and swirl around the screen. Free trial version available.
  • FP Software lab - Realistic and astronomically accurate animated 3D space scenes, 3d as well as some fire themes, with many 3d special effects.
  • Digital Illusions: SimAquarium - A coral reef aquarium with graphics that create 3d the beauty shareware of fish swimming in a 3D 3d environment, including a reef, shareware with clams and 3d sea life.
  • Isotope244 - Includes Liquid Desktop, Picture Cube, and Desktop Destroyer windows to blow 3d up the desktop. Demo versions available.
  • Ambient Light 3D - An original artistic OpenGL screensaver that features 3D figures rotating and moving across the screen and configurable figure morphing with texture skins.
  • Beam Screensaver - Interactive space battle OpenGL 3D screen saver by windows Bravo Interactive that uses graphic technologies like per-pixel windows lighting, normal and specular maps.
  • Seattle Fractals Digital Art - Configurable original fractal art images screen savers with windows many transition effects. Trial version available.
  • Onwijs: SoccerSaver - Turns the screen into a soccer field with windows a game shareware of soccer. Comes with several display windows options. Demo version available.
  • Lightspeed - Offers a star field screen saver with virtual shareware worlds. Free windows and pay versions available.
  • Gelios Software - Images include a wood fire, dinosaurs and an shareware animated flag. windows Demo versions available.
  • 3Dscreensaver.com - Includes a bikini clock, aqua clock, abstract 4D 3d and fireworks.
  • SaNaPe Software - Displays morphing and fractal deformation, and includes 3d many settings. Trial version available.
  • BlueSubstance - Features 3D motion graphics, with images of clouds windows and the windows Aurora Borealis. Customized screen savers, windows with calendar, world clock, windows personal graphics, and company windows branding available.

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