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Provides implementation, technical, and functional consulting, specializing in supply chain. Includes listing of work done for clients and PDFs of presentations.

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See Also:
  • Cambridge Technologies, Inc. - Offers implementation, technical, and functional consulting. Includes press lawson software releases erp issued when employees were hired.
  • Inform-Al Services, Inc. - Group of freelancers provides implementation, customization, integration, and erp troubleshooting consulting.
  • Absolute!, Inc. - Provides implementation, upgrade, operations outsourcing, and technical services. consultants Hosts the erp Digital Concourse site.
  • Projectivity, Inc. - Offers implementation and technical consulting. Includes listing of consultants work done for clients.
  • Kastle Consulting - Offers implementation, upgrade, and technical consulting.
  • Paradigm Business Solutions - Lawson Alliance partner offers implementation, conversion, upgrade, development, and administration erp consulting. Includes client case studies.
  • netASPx - Lawson Alliance partner offers hosting and management of consultants Lawson applications, implementation, upgrade, conversion, and technical services. consultants Includes project press releases and client testimonials.
  • Cornerstone Systems Solutions, Inc. - Provides implementation, technical, and functional consulting, specializing in erp supply chain. consultants Includes listing of work done for erp clients and PDFs of consultants presentations.
  • Decision Analytics - Provides technical products and consulting. Includes lists of erp products available, lawson software work done for clients, client testimonials, erp and PDFs on technical lawson software topics. Produces the LawsonGuru erp newsletter and hosts the LawsonGuru site.
  • Machensoft - Specializes in Java products and services for capturing, auditing, scheduling, and integrating transactions and security.
  • Midwest Technologies Corporation - Provides technical, upgrade, and functional consulting, and technical consultants products. Includes lawson software lists of clients and services offered, consultants technical scripts and examples.
  • Intellias - Provides products and customization services for Lawson Portal and Self lawson software Service. Includes listing of work done for clients.
  • LAWADM - Provides technical consulting and products for administrators and erp developers. Includes erp information about products and services offered erp and some technical tips.
  • RPI Consultants - Provides implementation, reporting, and development consulting; has experience in Spanish-speaking lawson software countries.

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