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Software to manage the budgets of grants so that you do not overspend a grant, runs under Quicken. [Win/NT/Mac]

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See Also:
  • Grant Tracker - Software to manage the budgets of grants so accounting that you do not overspend a grant, runs accounting under Quicken. [Win/NT/Mac]
  • - Personal homepage and place to download his stock analysis software.
  • Inventory Control - A robust multi-user inventory business management system and freeware accounting software that includes inventory, customer management, vendor freeware management, A/R, A/P and comes with reporting freeware tools.
  • Automotive and Accounting Software - Check Writer, mailing list, note writer, federal payroll tax calculator and payment calculator. Plus links to other software vendors.
  • LoanAnalyzer - Analyze side by side comparisons of different loan plans. Saves data to an .mdb database.
  • Freeware Accounting Software - A collection of accounting software and other business oriented software.
  • OFX Converter - A small utility to convert CSV files to accounting OFX for accounting importing into MS Money/Quicken.
  • Exl-Plan Financial Forecaster - For generating fully-integrated short-term financial projections with Excel.
  • Volutive - Offers features for purchasing, stock tracking, invoicing, billing freeware and paying functionalities.
  • Systems Online - A full featured accounting package with accounts receivable, software accounts payable, freeware customer and vendor management, and inventory software control journal.
  • Stock Control and Invoicing - Software for stock control, invoice management, billing, price accounting offers, order forms (download free lite version).

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