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Small software programs to make my life easier. Information manager, dictionary: English vocabulary used in GRE, glossary of textile related terms, and a remote control for Winamp.

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  • TomaWeb Freeware - A collection of freeware.
  • Real Freeware - A large directory of various Windows and Linux software.
  • Cogit - A volume control application, an alarm clock, and a Microsoft collections Outlook winmail.dat decoder.
  • Frettt's Freeware Archive - Quality software end users. Site available in software German and software English.
  • Weekend Code - Various open source programs and utilities for Windows collections and the freeware Pocket PC.
  • FreeWare: Soft&Games - A small collection of games and other programs. software Site in Russian and English.
  • JAM Software: Windows and DOS utilities - System utilities including shell and DOS command replacements for windows, collections Excel to Latex file conversion and various system tools.
  • VsiSystems - Bulk Web Site Monitor, Auto Type, Key Mouse software Genie, and various other programs.
  • Emilsoft - Emilsoft Audio Players, Graphic Viewers, and an Office freeware suite containing system utilities, image converters, and calculator.
  • Free Source Codes - Offers various open source software such as an freeware ext2 file software system plugin for Windows operating systems freeware and a 16 bit software debugger.
  • McDaniel Development - Software utilities for managing Outlook, including a way freeware to customize attachment security, also software to disable freeware the Windows messenger service, alleviating users of popup freeware spam.
  • glJakaL - Clock! 2, FontViewer, and File Partitioner.
  • JohnGin tools - JGChRes,Fast screen resolution change, JGKillIt, terminate of application software in specified collections time, JGZCL, change lower-case letters with software upper-case letters. Available in collections Czech and English.
  • DVD Profiler Resource Centre - A central place to aid in easy location freeware of 3rd party tools for Intervocative's DVD Profiler.
  • eBookman Software - Over a dozen titles for the Franklin eBookman Handheld, some with source code.
  • Poof! - A collection of useful Windows command line utilities for Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP. By Kilowatt Software.
  • Free software and photos from Andre Barata - Various software including CoolPong, XordCast, XordAmp, and IpChat.
  • Tiago Software - A small pop3 mail checker and a simple software ftp tool.
  • Gizmo's Tech Support Alert - Wiki style searchable collection of freeware programs, organized software by function and popularity. Includes guides and tutorials, software and user contributed articles.
  • AddPlus - Crypt it, phonex, and ShutterXP.
  • Media Commander - Media-files manager and player find and organize music, software picture, video freeware or others files. Product descriptions, screenshots, software and downloads.
  • Cronic Downloads - A collection of screensavers, icons, cursors, and utilities.
  • 303x Software - A collection of popular apps.
  • Collection of Small Utilities - Small software programs to make my life easier. Information manager, dictionary: English vocabulary used in GRE, glossary of textile related terms, and a remote control for Winamp.
  • WhitSoft Development - Various system, image and system tray utilities.
  • FileGods - WinAmp Skins Visual Plug-ins and registry hacks.
  • Essentials - A small collection of free software for personal computers.
  • MDW OnLine - MDW Picture Viewer, Txpad Plus!, Speak text.[Win32]
  • Alittledownload - Several simple games and a graphics editing program.
  • KdTOnline - Open Source Software for Windows, Linux, and DOS.
  • Vicky's Cool Softwares - Various Windows software including SpeeDefrag, Mp3 Knife, Copy Cat, ShutDown After, and Be Punctual.
  • Gammadyne's Free Programs - Various useful Windows command line utilities.
  • Netrino Homepage - CD Manager, a chat app F-Network, MP3 Tagger, and SD Clock. [Win32]
  • A (mostly) Unique Collection of Free Downloads - A few good freeware and shareware programs.
  • Home of the Wabbit Serial Killerz - Various simple games like Tic Tac Toe and collections an image freeware resizer.
  • IceRain Studio - Screensavers, games, fonts, clocks, calculators.
  • AV-Soft - A few small logic games and puzzles.
  • Moor Computer Productions - Several free programs and games.
  • Mark Doktors freeware Programs - A simple unit converter, PHP Image Viewer, PHP collections image Gallery, visual basic Scientific calculator, and rolodex.
  • Software By Bob - Simple programs such as Timed Command, Film Database, software Internet freeware Connection Checker, Memorandum. [Win32]
  • Kirys Tech 2000 - Text Editors, Developer suites, font viewers, and cpu cooling software. freeware [Win32]
  • Ashleigh's Freeware - Includes barcoding and point of sale software.
  • Win32 Assembly Programming Using RosAsm - Various Win32 assembly programs available.
  • Oldies But Goodies Software - Freeware that has either gone to shareware status freeware in newer versions, has turned into bloatware, is freeware no longer available for download or is just freeware hard to find.
  • Rico Software - Some simple games, and an equation plotter. software Site in collections English, Spanish, and Italian.
  • Fusai - I-GO, a search tool, Gemini, NetCap, I-Pad, The Matrix, iTap/KeySpy, collections Hexar/Playcube, Texidy, and VietWrite 2002.
  • - BattleX, Codex, HTTP Debugger, Oracle Doc. Gen., Oracle, software Session Man., freeware Timex, and Toolex. [Requires JavaVM]
  • Portable Freeware Utilities by Alex Nolan - Offers no-install, standalone freeware utilities, technology related articles freeware and software guides, online tools and searchable databases..

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