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Flexible self-extractor, use with any zip tools that create type 0 (stored) and type 8 (deflate) format zip files. Feature a built-in configuration editor.

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See Also:
  • StuffIt Expander - Decompresses all files in any of the StuffIt formats. It will also decode single and multi-part BinHex files. [Win/Solaris/Linux/Mac]
  • WinBZip2 - A small GUI utility for working with files in bzip2 format, compressing, decompressing and testing the integrity of bzip2 files.
  • WinImp - Extracts ZIP, ARJ, RAR, TAR as well as data compression higher-compression IMP format. Includes drag-and-drop capability and creation data compression of custom SFX files which can launch a data compression file after unpacking.
  • Zip 2 Secure EXE - Utility to convert any ZIP file into a self-extracting executable. freeware Supports AES encryption, can unpack automatically to a temporary directory freeware and run a setup.exe after extraction.
  • Bzip2 and Libbzip2 - Patent free, high-quality data compressor for Windows or freeware Unix.
  • ZIPGenius - A full-featured ZIP program with SFX and ZIP-64 support. Also supports AES encryption 7-ZIP format and integrated image-viewing.
  • ICEOWS - Windows compression utility using the ARJ format (was software called ArjFolder). Can extract, test, and view files software stored in ZIP, GZIP, TAR, CAB, RAR, ACE, software PK3, etc. and create SFX executables.
  • MultiZipper - Unzip program for Windows that doesn\\'t prompt before overwriting files. software Supports shell links, drag and drop, and command line.
  • ZipFree 2000 - ZIP tool with integrated virus check and integrated freeware emailing for quick ZIP and send. Supports SFX freeware creation and pre-extraction viewing.
  • Cabextract - Portable, open source UNIX decompressor for the Microsoft data compression Cabinet (.CAB) format.
  • FileCompress Uharc Gui - A free Uharc 0.4 Gui with SFX and data compression other freeware features like preview of .uha file.
  • Cathonian Ventures Ltd - Zipfusion - Flexible self-extractor, use with any zip tools that create type data compression 0 (stored) and type 8 (deflate) format zip files. Feature data compression a built-in configuration editor.
  • zipdiff - An open source Java utility for comparing two freeware zip files. data compression Also suitable for JAR, EAR, WAR freeware and RAR files.
  • LZX - Encoding for Amigas that uses large match offsets and file merging.
  • Dzip - Compact Windows compression program that creates small .DZ data compression archive files. Integrates with Windows Explorer.
  • BigSpeed Zipper - Compact ZIP tool with unusual features such as freeware browsing ZIP data compression files before downloading and full-text search freeware of ZIP file contents.
  • Gzip - Open source command line data stream compressor and software archiver.
  • WinGZip - A small GUI utility for working with files data compression in software gzip format. It allows to compress any data compression file into software gzip format, decompress and test the data compression integrity of already software gzipped files.
  • Free WinZIP Alternatives - A roundup and review of fully WinZIP-compatible freeware software ZIP programs software -- compared on the basis of software usability.
  • JustZIPit - Small and simple contextual menu based zip program with full ZIP-64 huge-archive compression.
  • FreeZip - Windows zip utility that prides itself on being small, fast freeware and efficient.
  • Tugzip - Free archiving utility with Windows integration, script support data compression and software ZIP-64 for huge archives. Provides a free data compression support forum.
  • XStandard Zip Component - ZIP or unzip a file or folder using software a single software line of code with this free software component. [ActiveX DLL]
  • Open Source ARJ - Offers a free implementation of the ARJ archiver for several operating systems such as DOS, Windows and GNU/Linux.
  • Zipfocus - A small zip file reader for general use or restoring data compression backups from floppy/flash/cd drive.
  • PeaZip - Presents this free, open source archiver featuring volume software spanning, authenticated data compression encryption and compression in several formats. software Includes download links, documentation data compression and a support forum.
  • Quick Zip - Free zip compression utility for Windows, create, extract, data compression and data compression testing for zip archives.
  • ZipItFast - ZIP program with a skinned interface and full freeware support for data compression over 20 compression formats.

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