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Provides a product line that includes the best translation memory and localization tools for translators as well as automatic translation tools for large and small businesses.

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  • LocSmith - A complete software localization environment for RC file.
  • Unionway - Multilingual windows software suite for Chinese, Japanese and globalization Korean
  • AsiaSoft - Commercial site offering Japanese, Chinese and Korean fonts globalization and software for Windows or Macintosh platforms.
  • Zinc Software - C++ portability and internationalization tools.
  • AlphaSoft - Portable language software including dictionaries, vocabulary trainers and companies thesauruses for software and tools a number of European languages. companies Includes free demos.
  • Uniscape - Developer of Global C, Global Checker for C++ and Java, Dialect and Net Dialect.
  • AIT Visual Localize - Software translation tool.
  • Resource Mining - Offers software localization tools that help expedite the localization process. globalization Our products make translation easier but they do not perform globalization any actual translation. These industrial strength tools have been globalization used on hundreds of projects and over one milli
  • SMART Communications - We specialize in software tools for simplification and software and tools globalization. MAXit Software, Controlled English, Simplified English, SMART software and tools Text Miner, SMART Translator, Six Sigma QA/QC.
  • Ultralingua Foreign Language Software - Producers of dictionaries, grammar software and other language resources for a number of languages. Available for Macintosh, Windows, and Palm.
  • Alis Technologies - Software globalization, internationalization library, linguistic toolkit, Alis Translation Solutions
  • Trados Corporation - Develops and markets tools for professional translators such as translation memory systems, terminology management software and text alignment systems.
  • SDL International - SDLX Translation Memory Tool, Webflow
  • GlobalSight Corporation - Multilingual content management solutions company. Provides a full software and tools globalization suite of globalization services, strategy consulting, integration, implementation software and tools globalization and education, and localization project management.
  • Language Partners International - Provides a product line that includes the best software and tools translation memory and localization tools for translators as software and tools well as automatic translation tools for large and software and tools small businesses.

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