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This paper is an effort to collect and annotate relevant standards, technical and implementation aspects of Thai language implementation on various computer platforms.

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Editor's Picks:

i18nGurus* - Open directory of links to internationalization (i18n) resources and related material.

  • International Systems Consultancy - Creator of Iranian and Urdu language/character set software.
  • ISO 3166-1: The Code List - The links below take you to either the internationalization English or the French language version of the internationalization country names and code elements of ISO 3166-1.
  • Language Enabling Project - Enabling Mozilla to support various languages and writing systems
  • ABLE Innovations, Inc. - A provider of software localization, internationalization, technical translation software and related internationalization international services to start-up and multinational software clients marketing their products internationalization worldwide.
  • Mailing list [email protected] - Mailing list for the development of all aspects globalization of internationalization and multilingualism on the World-Wide Web.
  • Idiom Technologies, Inc. - A supplier of software, strategy and services to establish and maintain a consistent, multi-lingual, multi-cultural web presence.
  • The Open Group - Internationalisation Guide to align with XPG4. It is intended for software system and application programmers developing internationalised software, and for end software users who need to use the multi-locale features of an software XPG4-compliant system.
  • Programming for Internationalization FAQ - Programming for internationalization archive.
  • Microsoft: Locales & Languages - FAQs on locales, language groups, system and user locales, codepage software support, and Unicode support.
  • Open Group Locales - Publications catalog and technical guides.
  • The Unicode Consortium - The official site with information and resources for programmers, implementers and others involved in computer globalization work.
  • ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22/WG20 - ISO Internationalization WG20
  • MAITS home page - The Multilingual Application Interface for Telematic Services consortium, software internationalization APIs software issues.
  • W3C Internationalization and Localization - The W3C tries to make sure that WWW software technology meets software the needs of the global community.
  • An annotated reference to the Thai implementations - This paper is an effort to collect and internationalization annotate relevant standards, technical and implementation aspects of internationalization Thai language implementation on various computer platforms.

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