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Executive is an add-on for Microsoft Word. It integrates with Word to allow the processing of multiple scripts in a single document. Complete range of characters in all languages (including the most complex Bengali conjuncts).

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  • Lekho : A Bangla Unicode Editor - Plain text Unicode editor for Bangla. Has a language specific spell checker, undo/redo, and exports to Bangtex. language specific It is based on the QT toolkit. Runs language specific on X11 (Linux, freeBSD, Unix) and windows systems. language specific GPLd.
  • Indian Language Software from Lingua - Executive is an add-on for Microsoft Word. It language specific integrates with Word to allow the processing of language specific multiple scripts in a single document. Complete range language specific of characters in all languages (including the most language specific complex Bengali conjuncts).
  • Avro Keyboard - An UNICODE supported Bangla typing software with most popular Bangla globalization keyboard layouts from Bangladesh and India. Freeware. For Windows Only.
  • Bspeller - A light weight text editor with a Bengali spell checker. The spell checker is based on GNU Aspell Library. This program is part of the Bengali dictionary project, and uses the word list provided by the project. Bspeller also has an unique feature of pri
  • Reversed Word Dictionary and Phonetically Similar Word Grouping Based Spell-Checker to Bangla Text - Paper by Bidyut Baran Chaudhuri dealing with an bangla algorithm for language specific checking Bangla spellings in scanned text bangla (OCR).[PDF]
  • Bornosoft - Commercial company developing Bornosoft - a transliteration based language specific Bangla language specific writing software.
  • Ekushey - Free Bengali typing add-in for MSWord 97/2000/XP. Supports bangla multiple keyboard globalization layouts and Bangla font types. Installs bangla with 5 TTFs. Also globalization allows automatic transliteration between bangla Bangla and English, export to TEX. globalization Windows. Open bangla source under GPL.
  • Resource Centre for Indian Language Technology Solutions, Bangla - Contains downloads for a Bangla TTF, a Bangla language specific editor, a Bangla spell checker, Bengali-English dictionary, printed language specific Bangla document images and Bangla text corpus in language specific electronic form.
  • Ankur : Bangla (Bengali) support for OSS - This website gather several sub-projects aimed at developing bangla input methods and applications supporting Bangla on Linux. bangla It also provides infrastructure for people who want bangla to translate documentation to Bangla.
  • Bengali - Test for Unicode support in Web browsers - Test your Web browser and fonts for the ability to display the Unicode Bengali range of characters. Part of Alan Wood's Unicode Resources.Diagnostic page.
  • Free Bangla Fonts Project - This is a volunteer run project dedicated to globalization creating free, bangla completely Unicode compliant Open Type Bangla globalization fonts. This project aims bangla to be the central globalization resource for getting and developing Free bangla Bangla fonts. globalization The site has several OT Bangla fonts for bangla globalization free downl
  • Proshikha Computer Systems - This site has download links to Proshika\\'s Shabda bangla (word processor), bangla Nirbhool (spell checker), Annaroup (text converter), bangla and ProData (visual foxpro, bangla Bangla database) software. Windows. bangla Commercial. (You need to download the bangla software then bangla buy the registrati
  • Bengali Writer - Set of utilities for editing and typesetting in Bangla. Provided language specific are a set of fonts in several formats (METAFONT, BDF, language specific PS), a text editor with spell checking and export to language specific LaTeX. Free, under GPL. Unix, Linux (X11 systems)
  • OpenBangSee - This is an open source version of BangSee. It provides language specific free Phonetic Bangla codes for Bangla Community developed in Java language specific and C/C++
  • Unicode Bengali Code Chart - This is a page on the unicode consortium bangla website containing the latest Bengali code point definitions bangla in the unicode standard. Diagnostic page.[PDF]
  • KickKeys :Transliteration Software. - Transliteration software for Bengali, Hindi, Tamil, Assamese, Belarusian, Russian, Bulgarian bangla and Ukrainian in Cyrillic. Needs Microsoft Word or WordPad. Commercial. bangla Windows.
  • Shaheed's home page - Includes a font encoded as per iso10646. Also language specific includes an encoding file for is13194-Bengali which was language specific used by previous versions of the font. language specific There are plans for a GUI virtual keyboard language specific to make entering Bengali and other languages which language specific use keyboard mappin

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