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A tool to localize software into any foreign language. Provides a way of translating applications without the necessity of knowing the source codes.

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See Also:
  • Visual Localize - A tool to localize software into any foreign language. localization Provides a way of translating applications without the necessity of localization knowing the source codes.
  • Language Studio - Integrated environment for localization of software products written software and tools software and tools in Visual C++ and Visual Basic.
  • Catalyst - Single integrated application that combines localization tools with software and tools globalization project management features.
  • SSI SoftGlobalization - Tools to implement, test and deliver internationalized products. Support for localization IME methodologies, UNICODE encoding, MBCS (multibyte) and DBCS.
  • ResMe - Tool to automatically move hard-coded user interface strings localization from VB localization projects into a resource (.res) file. localization The moved strings are localization replaced with a LoadResString() localization reference.
  • WizTom and WizTom for the Web - Internationalization workbench that allows to translate client/server and software and tools Internet/Intranet applications without duplicating the source code and software and tools without recompilation.
  • LangAgent - Tool to isolate text strings from VC++ source globalization code. Includes string editor for the translators.
  • WebBudget - Software that processes, categorises and counts all text localization for translation in an Internet file.
  • VB Language Manager Pro - Tools to extract and translate message strings for VB. Strings are extracted from the source code and stored in a proprietary project file.
  • Resource Localizer - Shareware tool for resource RC files localization.
  • PASSOLO - Software localization tool with integrated dialog and bitmap globalization editor, fuzzy localization matching, glossaries, checking functions and VBA globalization compatible scripting engine and localization automation.
  • Lingobit Localizer - Professional software localization tool with QA and localization project management software and tools capabilities. Allows localization of executable and localization source files (VC++, dotNET, software and tools MFC, Delphi, PHP, ASP, localization etc).
  • AppTranslator - Localization tool for Visual C++ applications. Allows translating software and tools localization the resources of executables files.

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