Alias Wavefront Animation and Design Tools 3D Graphics

Creature Creator enables the creation of 3d monsters, humanoids, aliens, creepy-crawly things features include a plugin library of over 500 pre-defined body parts.

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See Also:
  • Gooroos Software - Specialize in design and development of customized plugins and scripts.
  • ButterflyNetRender - Network rendering controller that works with Lightwave, Maya animation and design alias wavefront tools (In the Professional Version) and Custom Batch Commands animation and alias wavefront design tools (Studio versions). This feature will give control to animation alias wavefront and design tools any command line console executable.
  • FXRealm Studios - Maya Plugins - Creature Creator enables the creation of 3d monsters, 3d humanoids, aliens, animation and design tools creepy-crawly things features include a plugin 3d library of over 500 animation and design tools pre-defined body parts.
  • Alias-Design-Users - Association of industrial designers who using software developed animation and design tools by Alias|Wavefront.
  • Maya Complete Ready for Beta by Stephen Beale - "Maya Complete for Mac OS X will be shipping to 3d beta sites by early next week, and is poised for 3d final release in April, May or June, said Richard Kerris, 3d director of Maya Technologies for Alias|Wavefront (AW) in a recent 3d interview with MacCentral si
  • The Jackals Forge - Personal homepage of 3d Digital Artist Richard Morris, alias wavefront Alias Wavefront Maya resources, tutorials, information on the alias wavefront humanbody and body story graphics and the trackday alias wavefront roadster the Lotus 340r.

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