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Doorway to 3D tutorials, models, and textures for Bryce, Poser, Amorphium and others. Site has a large 3D resource directory.

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Ultimate 3D Links* - Links database for objects, information, textures, tools, modelers, plug-ins, meshes books, forums, news groups, and schools.
3D Buzz* - A vast community site offering free training videos for Maya, 3D Max, Softimage, Lightwave, Houdini and game level design. Also has very active and helpful forums, news items and artists galleries.

  • ShareCG - Free resource for computer graphics artists, including 3D graphics models, tutorials, graphics textures, materials, scripts, software, plug-ins, art graphics and animations. Also shares graphics revenue with users for graphics submissions.
  • Flay.Com - News, and resources for 3D content providers. Plugins 3d and tutorials.
  • The Art Door - Community site for 3D applications: forums, store, galleries, resources free stuff.
  • Linefour - Free and to buy 3D models and textures. Site includes graphics downloads for Maya, Lightwave, Max, and Poser. Forum, jobs, news, graphics tutorials and help sections.
  • - A graphic starting place with tutorials, 3D models, 3d news articles, resources links to books covering 2D and 3d 3D, discussion forums, and resources classifieds.
  • - The Computer Graphics Portal - 3D Design and multimedia portal with a search 3d engine, news, tutorials, forums, chats, online store, artists\\' 3d Gallery and download zone with textures, 3D models 3d and plugins.
  • Character Animation In 3D - A complete guide to animation, both 3D and 2D. This 3d site accompanies the book of the same name by Steve 3d Roberts.
  • C4DmodelSHOP - Very high quality 3D models for sale in 3d Cinema 4D graphics (C4d) and 3DS format.
  • 3D-Palace - A site offering tutorials for Maya, Max, and graphics XSI. Plus graphics galleries, forums and regular news updates.
  • - Doorway to 3D tutorials, models, and textures for 3d Bryce, Poser, 3d Amorphium and others. Site has a 3d large 3D resource directory.
  • - 3D entertainment and news portal, offers information and 3d reviews on resources software, and interviews.
  • - Community for Maya, Softimage, Alias, Studio, Renderman, and 3d Sumatra, Free 3d resource tips, tricks, tutorials, Mel 3d Scripts, plugins, shaders, tools, jobs, contests, artist gallery 3d and listservs.
  • - High-end 3D art and information. Alias, Softimage, Rhino 3d tutorials, photorealistic renderings, behind-the-scenes Hollywood production info.
  • 3D Artists - Included in this gallery are tutorials for 3D resources Studio Max, Lightwave 3D, and Softimage 3D, pictures resources and interviews of artists from around the world resources and the gallery itself.
  • CAD to the point - Detailed reviews of top CAD software.
  • Real-Time Rendering - Many links to real-time rendering, technqiques, source code, and information.
  • Zoorender 3D Resource Site - 3D-community with free models, scenes and movie Scripts 3d and tutorials for Maya and Softimage, 3d-artist gallery, 3d textures.
  • 3d Total - A total 3D source for free libraries including graphics a great 3d many items to download.
  • 3D Commune - Graphic community where 3D users can find discussion graphics forums, art 3d galleries, free stuff, tutorials section, calendar, graphics classifieds, and browse members 3d pages.
  • - 3D programs, forums, free download including characters, textures graphics and poses.
  • CG Focus - Features image gallery by various artist, animations, tutorials, 3d reviews, forums, 3d and downloads.
  • CG Channel - Computer Graphics Channel - The online magazine for Computer Graphics and VFX artists and graphics professionals.
  • CADalyst - Offers free 3d models textures, plugins and tutorials covering 3d 3d Studio Max, Lightwave 3D, Alias, and Autocad.
  • LightWorks End-User - Providing downloads, galleries, features, and news for the resources end-users of 3d LightWorks a 3D rendering solution.
  • Creative 3D - Online magazine for 3D computer graphics.
  • Level of Detail for 3D Graphics - Level of details graphics contains, links, resources, quotes, products, terrain models, and tools for the 3d world. Also this site is associated with a book.
  • Max-Realms - 3d Studio Max - Free 3d Studio Max Resources. Member Forum, Free 3ds models, R3, R4, R5, R6 plugins, 3ds, tutorials, .max files, and .3ds files
  • CGArena - Graphics and animation portal for multi-package tutorials, interviews, news, art, resources and animation galleries.
  • CGchar Animation - Community forum and industry news site for those interested in Computer Graphics, modelling and character animation. Useful links and up to date CG news.

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