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Summary: This is a program that every digital artist should own. It includes all of the features that anyone could imagine, plus a few that I had not previously thought of myself.

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  • - Painter IX - Summary: Pros: natural media simulation, vast variety of techniques, easy cloning. Cons: antiquated interface, limited drawing tools, limited layer management. The Bottom Line: A unique program for the creative computer artist with talent, but of limited
  • AAUG Review - Corel Painter IX - Summary: This is a program that every digital reviews artist should own. It includes all of reviews the features that anyone could imagine, plus a reviews few that I had not previously thought of reviews myself.
  • DigitalOutput - Photoshop versus Painter - Summary: Jeff Dorgay: People always ask me, "Should painter I use Photoshop or Painter?" This is never painter an easy answer, and the one that comes painter to mind is usually, "get both!"
  • CreativeMac - Corel Painter IX.5 - Summary: Dave Nagel: I give Corel Painter IX.5 a Strong Buy recommendation as both a full version and as an upgrade.
  • CreativeMac - Corel Painter Essentials 3 - Summary: Dave Nagel: Painter Essentials 3 easily exceeds painter my expectations painter for a consumer-level painting application. It painter has the power of painter the brushes built on painter top of the Painter engine; it painter has fantastic painter cloning and automatic painting features; and it perfor
  • Direct Distribution Services - Summary: The Case for Corel Painter: Stephen Symons: painter Painter embraces reviews creative territory that is far beyond painter the scope of Photoshop reviews and offers the possibility painter of fresh solutions to an otherwise reviews predictable digital painter illustration landscape.
  • Maximum PC: Painter IX - Summary: Jake Widman: If you’re an artist or painter artistic wannabe, painter there’s no other software that does painter what Painter does. Do painter yourself a favor, though, painter and get a drawing tablet to painter go with painter it.
  • - Corel Painter IX 9 - Summary: Overall this isn’t a breakthrough release like reviews version 8’s image editing major rationalization, but Corel has done reviews just enough to ensure image editing that Painter IX remains reviews the must-have application for those interested image editing in the reviews creative potential of PC-based art.
  • CreativeMac: Corel Painter IX - CreativeMac review: "The bottom line: This is the reviews best upgrade reviews to Painter that I can recall," reviews David Nagel.
  • fxguide - Painter IX - Summary: mseymour7: Painter IX is really a faster painter more robust reviews version of Painter 8 which is painter worth the price of reviews the upgrade. Painter is painter a brilliant tool and incredibly versatile.
  • PC Magazine: Painter IX.5 - Summary: Although this upgrade is less than astounding, reviews Painter is still the best choice if you\'re reviews serious about digital painting.
  • Painter IX - Summary: Kurt von Behrmann: For professionals, Painter IX becomes a painter necessity because of the improved stability. ... The options, creativity painter and sheer solid results make this a compelling addition to painter any 2D or 3D artist's stash.
  • - Painter IX - Summary: This is by far the easiest and I believe best Painter version ever.
  • IT-Enquirer - Corel Painter IX - Summary: In short, Painter IX has fully matured reviews into a very powerful art program with so reviews many choices, options, features and customization capabilities that reviews it becomes dazzling. ... Painter offers a tool reviews that is unique in its support of your reviews creative abil
  • Digital Image Cafe - Painter IX - Summary: I can recommend Painter IX without hesitation to both painter the Fine Arts specialist and the creative photographer wanting to painter add that special touch. Although many view Painter as having painter a steep learning curve I would have to say that painter with Painter the
  • Corel Painter IX - Summary: Painter is the king of the natural painter media emulators. The power inherent in its rich painter feature set more than makes up for the painter steep learning curve. With its support for Photoshop painter files, tablet friendly tools and powerful color capabilities painter you really

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