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by Carey Bunks, This is actually a book. You can either download or read free html version online or buy the hard copy.

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See Also:
  • Obscura - A tutorial about creating text with an \\'outlined the gimp text the gimp effect'.
  • Introduction to The Gimp - Tutorial for beginners who are not graphic artists, introductory guide faqs, help, and tutorials on how to use the program.
  • Stefan's GIMP Site - GIMP is powerful enough to be used by faqs, help, and tutorials professionals, but still free. Pictorial tutorial.
  • GIMP Tutorials by Zach Beane - GIMP tutorials covering vignettes using quickmask, desaturation, punch-out, and alien glow.
  • Creating A Web Plaque: A GIMP Tutorial - This tutorial takes you through the process I faqs, help, and the gimp tutorials used to create the so called web plaque.
  • Tileable Textures - Making tileable textures with gradient brushes
  • GIMP User FAQ - GIMP User Frequently Asked Questions
  • Grokking the GIMP - by Carey Bunks, This is actually a book. You can image editing either download or read free html version online or buy image editing the hard copy.
  • Scheme Tutorial for Gimp - This document will try to be a brief introduction to faqs, help, and tutorials Scheme, just teaching the essentials in order to write script-fu faqs, help, and tutorials scripts, by Dov Grobgeld.
  • Beginners Guide to The GIMP - A tutorial for complete beginners with The Gimp, explaining most image editing of its basic (yet not always intuitive) functionality.
  • Dov Grobgeld - A Tutorial for Perl Gimp users.
  • How to Make an A4 Poster Using the Gimp - The tutorial is composed of five lessons each the gimp broken the gimp up into particular areas of gimp expertise. the gimp The tutorials the gimp are designed for newcomers to the the gimp Gimp, and to the gimp Linux. By Kester Clegg.
  • Kevin Turner - Writing a GIMP Plug-In
  • Enhancement Tutorial - Photo touch up and enhancement in the GIMP.
  • Snow Flakes - Creating Fractal Snow Flakes with GIMP IFS Compose
  • Drawing with the Gimp - Larry Ewing's drawing with the Gimp.
  • Creating Animated Brushes (Image Hose) - A Gimp Image Pipe allows you to spray faqs, help, and tutorials out series of full color pixmaps. To make faqs, help, and tutorials it more flexible, the order the images are faqs, help, and tutorials painted onto the campus can depend on direction, faqs, help, and tutorials angle, speed, or other factors.
  • Mini-Howto - Document describes the basic configuration of Gtk Themes faqs, help, and tutorials for the GIMP running under Win32 systems.
  • GIMP Developer FAQ - Answers technical questions. Provides other online resources for the gimp IRC and email lists. Not updated recently.

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