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Freeware reader for Windows presented with a user guide, screen shots, a detailed feature list, download links and contact information.

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See Also:
  • PyComicsViewer - Open source reader written in Python, an interpreted comic book files viewers language. Apparently no longer developed.
  • ComicRack - Presents this freeware reader for Windows, includes a support forum, viewers and a FAQ section.
  • CBRpager - Briefly presents this open source reader for GNU/Linux, viewers includes download viewers links and information on the related viewers mailing list.
  • GonVisor Viewer - Freeware reader for Windows presented with a user viewers guide, screen comic book files shots, a detailed feature list, download viewers links and contact information.
  • ComicMaster - Presents this open source reader for GNU/Linux, also viewers includes detailed comic book files documentation and screen shots.
  • FFView - Open source, OpenGL-powered picture viewer for Mac OS X featuring fast pre-fetching, smooth panning, voice commands, two-page mode, a magnifying lens as well as the ability to browse pictures inside pdf files and archives such as zip and rar.
  • ComicBookLover - Shareware reader for Mac OS X. The trial comic book files viewers version displays a watermark in the bottom left-hand comic book files viewers corner.
  • Asparagino's Comic Viewer - Open source java-gnome application for viewing contents of scanned comic viewers archive files (.cbz, .zip) on GNU/Linux.
  • ComicGURU - Sells comic readers for PDAs such as Palm graphics and Pocket graphics PC running Windows Mobile. Includes documentation graphics and screen shots.
  • Comix - Open source image viewer for Unix, specifically designed to handle comic books. It reads ZIP, RAR and tar archives (also gzip or bzip2 compressed), as well as plain image files.
  • CDisplayEx - Open source comic reader based on CDisplay. It graphics uses the 7-zip plug-in to read many archive graphics types like cbr, cbz, cbt amongst other graphics formats and it supports jpeg, png, gif and graphics bmp images.
  • Comical - Includes download links, screen shots and a feature comic book files viewers list for this open source, cross-platform reader.
  • Jomic - Open source, cross-platform reader which supports CBR and viewers CBZ formats. viewers Site includes a support forum, screen viewers shots and a user viewers guide.
  • CBViewer - Presents this open source, cross-platform reader written in viewers Java. Includes FAQ and screen shots.

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