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Open source groupware with calendar, project management, request tracker and 12 other modules. Supports more than 16 languages. Requires mysql, oracle, postgres or informix db.

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See Also:
  • Group-Office - Groupware suite containing a base system and different open source modules software including scheduler, email, file and projects. (PHP)
  • WEBO - Web based groupware providing group scheduling, addressbooks, shared open source folders.
  • TWIG - A useful intranet/groupware tool and application framework. Written software and implemented with PHP. Goal is to be software a simple, cross-platform, fast way to access/share almost software any kind of information, GPL license.
  • PHProjekt - Open source groupware with calendar, project management, request open source tracker and 12 other modules. Supports more than open source 16 languages. Requires mysql, oracle, postgres or informix open source db.
  • Zimbra - E-mail and collaboration software managed by Yahoo!. A groupware server application as well as desktop and web groupware based clients are available.
  • GNA - Frontdesk - A distributed group e-mail application for software/helpdesk functions, software GPL license.
  • Nexist - Topic Map based java system, "a testbed for developing tools for Web collaboration", Apache license.
  • OpenACS - OpenACS (Open Architecture Community System) is an advanced toolkit for building scalable, community-oriented web applications.
  • onShore - onShore, a consulting firm, has a web-based, multi-user time-billing tool, GPL license.
  • Lucane - Lucane is a free groupware platform written in Java, designed groupware with extensibilty in mind.
  • IGSuite - A web-based Italian office communication suite for archiving groupware digital documents. Works with Hylafax server.
  • phpGroupWare - A multi-user web-based groupware suite written in PHP. open source It open source also provides an API for developing additional open source applications.
  • Thetis - Groupware and content management system developed in Ruby groupware on Rails. open source Web site includes news, documentation and groupware an online demonstration.
  • GroupSuite - A planned PHP-based groupware including calendar, address book, open source forum, groupware ticket system, WebMail, CRM and DMS.
  • MetaDot Open Source Portal Server - Free Open Source Portal Server allowing point and click community, groupware content and XML syndication management on the Web, email, cellphone, groupware other media.
  • Hipergate - Web-based open source groupware written in Java/JSP open source with support for PostgreSQL, Oracle and SQL Server.
  • MoreGroupware - Moregroupware is a Web-based Groupware written in PHP4. groupware Includes modules like calendar, notes, todo, and contacts. groupware It is database abstracted and uses a template groupware engine for output.
  • JetSpeed [from Apache's Jakarta] - A servlet implementation of an open protocol GroupWare product. Backend (search engines, news, weather, POP3/IMAP/LDAP/NNTP, database) is based on other open source packages.
  • Citadel Groupware System - A turnkey open source messaging and collaboration platform.
  • DOE2000 Electronic Notebook - Modular, extensible, notebook framework to make cross-platform interoperating prototype implementations. Allows shared input and display of sketches, text, equations, images, graphs, other data types. Tools for authentication, other services.
  • Outreach Project Tool - GPL PHP groupware package targeted at project development. groupware Manages documents, groupware tasks, requests, basic newsletters, knowledge entries, groupware stores e-mail copies, e-mail groupware repository address. Requires LAMP.

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