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A Wiki Farm where basic Wikis are free. Offers plugins that allow applications and web sites to be built on a Wiki Framework.

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See Also:
  • JotSpot - Free wiki hosting service; custom software includes calendars, groupware photo galleries groupware and spreadsheets. URL format "". GUI groupware editing, themes, access control.
  • Intodit - WYSIWYG wiki farm which offers free subdomains with custom wiki wiki software.
  • Wikispaces - A free wiki host providing community wiki spaces, visual page editing, and discussion areas.
  • EditMe - Provides wiki and content-managed website hosting.
  • onBusinessWiki - Hosted wiki farm offering WYSIWYG editing, folders, tags, wiki PDF export, wiki automated backups, and compatibility with MediaWiki wiki (database standard, wiki-text) wiki Source provided on purchase wiki without rights for redistrobution.
  • Wetpaint - Free wiki hosting service with proprietary software, GUI editing interface, groupware and instant site registration. URL for wikis is "".
  • BrainKeeper Enterprise Wiki - Offers an Enterprise Wiki as hosted commercial service.
  • RubberSquid - Hosted wiki for personal and business users where groupware basic wikis wiki are free. Works on most devices groupware including PCs, mobile phones. wiki Features access control, secure groupware sharing, image and media uploads, as wiki well as groupware AI summarization of lengthy pages.
  • - A wiki farm offering free hosting of Swiki wiki farms (Squeak Wiki) based wikis.
  • PBwiki - Free ad-supported wiki hosting with paid upgrades available for educators wiki farms and businesses. Offers free subdomains, custom domain is a paid wiki farms feature. Users must create accounts to edit, wiki administrator decides wiki farms who gets access, ranging from open to the pub
  • SeedWiki - A Wiki Farm where basic Wikis are free. wiki Offers plugins that allow applications and web sites wiki to be built on a Wiki Framework.
  • Swirrl - Site aims to combine the power of a database and groupware the flexibility of spreadsheets with the collaboration potential of a groupware wiki. Free version has a limit of 100 pages and groupware 5MB of storage.
  • ClearWiki - Private hosted wiki farm. Offers WYSIWYG editing, blogs, rss, full-text groupware search, doc management, to-do lists, etc. Free version is limited groupware to 10 users and 256MB with adverts.
  • - Free wiki hosting site with text ads, using wiki farms Open wiki Source XWiki software. URLs in format "". wiki farms Immediate setup, wiki WYSIWYG editor, photo album, calendar, wikiblog wiki farms interface.
  • Wikidot - Free wiki hosting service with focus on flexibility, features and availability. URL format is "". Interactions with other services, extended wiki syntax, uploads, forums, private messaging, access control, feeds.
  • - Free wiki hosting service based on DekiWiki. Instant registration, URL wiki format "". GUI editing, login required to edit. Formerly
  • YourWiki - MediaWiki hosting service with both free and premium, groupware public and wiki private hosting plans, with a dedicated groupware staff team. Site contains wiki a directory and documentation.
  • Socialtext - Offers an Enterprise Wiki as a hosted service or installed on a hardware appliance.
  • On-wiki - Free wiki hosting based on MoinMoin Open Source wiki engine. URLs of form "". WYSIWYG editing, file upload, custom permissions, ads on each wiki page.
  • Luminotes - A proprietary WYSIWYG personal wiki written in Python and JavaScript. groupware Site contains a demo and signup information.
  • Wikia - A collection of freely-hosted ad-supported wiki communities using wiki the Open groupware Source MediaWiki software. URLs like "". wiki Requires 2- to 10-day groupware approval process, single sign-on wiki across all Wikia sites, file uploads, groupware transclus
  • Wiki Spot - Site offers free wikis for non-profits and communities. Run by a 501(c)3 non-profit itself, and contains numerous wikis using the Sycamore wiki engine.
  • - Open source wiki application and farm in PHP with a groupware MySQL backend that has MediaWiki-esque syntax with an AJAX interface.

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