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Hosted software features Win32 admin client, PUSH technology, canned messages, "typing" notification, spell checker, real-time site monitoring, proactive chat request, visitor information, and system reporting.

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  • Click Chat Sold - Hosted software features Win32 admin client, PUSH technology, canned messages, help desk "typing" notification, spell checker, real-time site monitoring, proactive chat request, help desk visitor information, and system reporting.
  • SalesRep - Hosted software features PUSH technology, SSL chats, canned responses, visitor tracking, chat session ratings, and system reports.
  • InstantService - Features include Win32 admin application, PUSH pages, spell software checking, email management, SSL encryption, and customizable interface.
  • ClickSeva - Hosted software features Win32 administrator client, PUSH technology, SSL support, software visitor tracking, and chat transcripts.
  • - Hosted software features Win 32 client, PUSH technology, audio alerts, software operator chat transfer, chat transcriptions, and system reports.
  • WhosOn - Features include Win32 live chat client, visitor monitoring, help desk and software real-time error reporting.
  • Boldchat - Features push pages, pro-active chat, site monitoring, and live support browser-based operator interface.
  • Live2Support - Hosted software includes visitor monitoring, multiple chats, hits analysis, visitor help desk chat window language customization, Win32 administrator client, pro-active chats, and help desk SSL compatibility.
  • Click & Care - Features include push pages, multi-language support, feature bookmarks, and internal operator chat.
  • miOOt Technologies - Features include Win32 admin application, pro-active chat, chat software transcripts, online live support surveys, PUSH technology, and internal operator software chat.
  • - Hosted live support featuring pro-active visitor chat, SSL, software operator-to-operator chats, and customizable visitor popup messenger.
  • Xencoders LLC - Offers co-browsing, pro-active client chat, chat translation, browser-based help desk interface, software video conferencing, and lead identification.
  • Crafty Syntax - Open source live support software featuring push page technology, canned live support responses, visitor monitoring, multi-user, multi-operator, and multi-department cababilities.
  • LiveChatNow - Features include push page technology, pro-active chat, Win32 software administrator client, live support spell checking, and canned responses.
  • May We Help - Live customer contact solutions for website owners. Technology includes one-to-one help desk text chat, browser push, streaming video, and VoIP.
  • OmniStarLive - Features include PUSH technology, pro-active chat, canned responses, live support visitor help desk statistics, Win32 system tray client, help desk live support software integration, help desk chat transcripts, and compatible with PHP/MySQL.
  • LivePerson - Features Win32 client application, push page technology, user/operator software surveys, pro-active chat invitation, and SSL.
  • Live Help Messenger - Live customer support with canned responses, PUSH technology, software Win32 administrator help desk application, site monitoring/statistics, and compatible with software PHP/MySQL.

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