Compensation and Benefits Human Resources Software

Web-based software for managing compensation events including merit and bonus planning and management, annual grant deployment, pool administration and executive remuneration.

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  • Winklevoss, LLC - Independent financial consulting firm designing and delivering customized solutions and software investment products for banks, multinational corporations, and high net worth software individuals.
  • Associated Systems - Offers payment software for administration of medical and mental health claims payment.
  • DATAIR Employee Benefit Systems - Offering PC-based benefit administration software for pension, profit human resources sharing, human resources 401(k), 403(b), 457, ESOP and section 125/cafeteria/flexible human resources benefit plans
  • - Defined Contribution Compliance - Provides 401(k) compliance testing software and services.
  • Fastrak Systems - Provides record keeping systems, third-party administration services, and compensation and benefits human resources Internet solutions for employee share purchase plans and compensation and benefits human resources stock option plans.
  • BICC Systems - Offers software solutions for administering employee benefits such software as pension human resources and annuity systems.
  • Business Automation Specialists, Inc. - Provides payroll/HR interface programs for Sage Abra HRMS.
  • COBRApoint - Web-based COBRA, HIPAA, state continuation and retiree billing compliance administration compensation and benefits software.
  • Incompass - Windows-based software for pension administrators.
  • Working Bytes - Provides software to Ontario-based companies to assist in compensation and benefits human resources claims and cost management.
  • - Offers a Web-based FSA/HRA/132 spending account software solution compensation and benefits compensation and benefits to third party administrators or employers.
  • Artemis Consulting - Offers Web-based software that automates salary planning, succession planning, and performance management processes.
  • Standard Data - Offers benefits administration software solutions.
  • Retention Engine - Web-based software for managing compensation events including merit compensation and benefits software and bonus planning and management, annual grant deployment, compensation and benefits software pool administration and executive remuneration.
  • BenXL Technologies - Provider of pension plan administration software solutions.
  • Benetrac - HR tools for online enrollment and benefits management.
  • Actuarial Systems Corporation - Supplier of retirement plan software solutions for pension administration, 401(k), compensation and benefits and compliance testing.
  • Benefit Express - Offers benefits administration and enrollment tools.
  • ACTEK, Inc. - Offers incentive management software solutions.
  • CompensationMaster - Software which assists in the creation of sales human resources force software compensation plans.
  • Benelogic - Developer of software applications designed to simplify the software employee benefits administration process.
  • Benefit Plan Systems - Developer of benefit plan administration software for employers and administrators
  • L&P Systems Limited - Pension administration, pension payroll and online member access software solutions.
  • - Offers benefit enrollment software designed to improve productivity human resources and reduce costs.
  • Employee benefit enrollment services - Provides an employee benefit enrollment system.
  • Premier International - Provides benefits administration system expertise.
  • Remunerate - Australian company offering employee salary and incentive compensation software review software.
  • Software Plus - Offers customizable software platforms for HR and payroll.
  • - CSRS and FERS retirement benefits and planning calculation compensation and benefits compensation and benefits software for Federal employees, professional retirement planners, insurance compensation and benefits compensation and benefits agents, and Federal personnel officers.
  • Infinity Benefits System - Offers a benefits administration and enrollment software application software for HR compensation and benefits Directors and Benefits Administrators.
  • Travis Software - Provides benefit administration software, support, and training for the single employer, mid-sized employer, and third party administrator.
  • Northeast Retirement Services - Provides administration and processing solutions for employee benefit software plans.
  • Avanti Software Inc. - Canadian company offering solutions for in-house payroll, time software and attendance, compensation and benefits and HR management.
  • Better Business Bingo - Employee incentive program based on the popular bingo game. human resources Description of the software and ordering information.
  • CompExec - Provides compensation planning, analysis and management software.
  • TrustBenefits - Develops and maintains online software and tools to software augment and support trust fund administrators in the software multi-employer industry.
  • 4th Contact Limited - Offering employee benefits software.
  • Activpayroll - UK payroll solutions provider offering payroll software, automated compensation and benefits human resources payroll services and time and attendance solutions
  • Business Decisions - Performance management and succession planning software.
  • Talavara - Offers benefits management including participation and eligibility administration, payroll and compensation and benefits HRIS.
  • Wealth Management Systems - Employee benefit systems and technology solutions for the human resources employee human resources benefit services industry.
  • Benefit Software Inc. - Provider of various employee benefit software solutions.
  • Transcentive - Provides global equity compensation solutions, including stock option and stock human resources purchase plan software. Education, consulting and plan administration/outsourcing.

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