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Medical staffing software products are designed to automate and fully integrate companies' entire scheduling and human resources systems. Optional payroll, billing, and web access modules are available.

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  • Suite Scheduler - Product description, benefits, customer testimonials and contact details.
  • Celayix Software - Integrated solutions for workforce management. Track and control human resources employee software activity and customer information. Time and Attendance human resources and Scheduling software modules integrate with payroll and billing human resources components.
  • PSA Staff Management - Designed to coordinate permanent and relief staff working in an software organization. Allows users to keep track of staff availability, rosters, software and holidays. Downloadable demonstration program.
  • ClockOn - HR software for Australian small business. Time recording, rostering, payroll software and employment records. Product overview, presentation download, product and industrial software relations FAQs, and contact details.
  • AtStaff Inc - AtStaff and Physician Scheduler products, and process improvement software services target healthcare industry. Product features, news and software events, partners, executive profiles and contact details.
  • ScheduleSoft - Personnel scheduling software for critical personnel in demand driven service software and production environments. Scalable from a desktop to the software internet, demonstrations are available.
  • MicroStaffer - Medical staffing software products are designed to automate software and fully integrate companies\\' entire scheduling and human software resources systems. Optional payroll, billing, and web access software modules are available.
  • Madrigal Soft Tools - Software for scheduling and managing people and resources personnel scheduling Free human resources evaluation version.
  • SchedulerLite - General purpose, staff rostering and employee scheduling tool. personnel scheduling Print out individual employee schedules and timesheets. Features personnel scheduling pictorial and spreadsheet style views. Screenshots and downloadable personnel scheduling shareware evaluation copy.
  • TimeGate - Client/server or .Net browser, and MS SQL, interfaces software to third party payroll and accounts payable. Product software and service overviews, online demos, testimonials, company news software and officers, partner list, and contact details.
  • MICROster - Client/server personnel rostering application that enables organisations of all sizes human resources to dynamically schedule their workforce using definable parameters.
  • Intellicate - IntelliRoster application. Features, FAQs, templates, trialware download, awards, human resources client personnel scheduling list and contact information.
  • ScheduleSource - Web based, application service provider model (i.e. subscription). personnel scheduling TeamWork personnel scheduling product overview, tour, features, benefits, help documentation, personnel scheduling customer list personnel scheduling and company information.
  • Scotland Yard Software - Offers employee tracking software.
  • WhenToWork - Web based application. Features, benefits, FAQs and contact human resources details.
  • Premier Computer Systems - StaffMED is a fully integrated software system designed personnel scheduling to human resources meet the unique needs of the medical personnel scheduling staffing industry. human resources It automates the daily scheduling process personnel scheduling and maximizes staff human resources productivity.
  • Guia International - Staff scheduling shareware. Allocate the right people software in the human resources right place at the right time. software Track time, labor costs, human resources vacations, shift assignments and software rotations. Download 30-day free human resources trial
  • Sign-Out Board - Online schedule board and office calendar for small human resources and human resources midsized businesses.
  • Shift Schedules - Excel spreadsheets for scheduling employees to fixed or human resources rotating software shifts.
  • Inovar - Browser based application. Features, benefits, on-line and downloadable personnel scheduling product software demonstration, events and contact details.
  • Open Wave - ShiftTrack products targeted at contact centre industry. Features human resources and personnel scheduling benefits, news, partners and contact details.
  • InfoTronics - InfoTronics offers a variety of time-oriented software packages, software as well personnel scheduling as a full line of time software clocks and accessories to personnel scheduling fit into your unique software business situation.
  • Winmetrics - Staffschedule, browser based application. Product features, benefits, services, software customer testimonials and case studies.
  • AllScheduling - Wall-chart style application. List of benefits and features plus screenshots.
  • Staff Tracker - Client or browser based In-Out Board. Features, screenshots software and pricing.
  • InVision Software AG - Web based scheduling solution. Bundled with a Day personnel scheduling planner human resources for job tracking within shifts.
  • Justice Data Systems - Staff Scheduling Software, Time and Attendance Software, and software Human Resources software (HR) Software Solutions
  • Yardley Software - IMPS, DOS application with rule based scheduling. Product personnel scheduling overview, software benefits, technical requirements and staff biographies.
  • Staff Trak - Client server application requiring MicroSoft database software. Services, software product features and system requirements, product information manual software and release notes downloads, and contact details.
  • Hawkeye Software - Scheduling software for churches and ministry related functions.
  • Nelson Technical Service - Offer a computerized sign in/out board that all human resources company software employees with access to the company network human resources can use software from their desk.
  • Smart Human Logistics. - A .NET application for time and attendance, rostering human resources and software absence management. Module and service descriptions, white human resources papers, company software news, case studies, director biographies and human resources contact details.
  • Kappix - Offers DRoster employee scheduling software to create rosters software and schedules for workforce management. Includes screenshots and software list of features.
  • Service Power - Enterprise-wide field service scheduling application for the management of medium human resources to large distributed field service forces.
  • Work Schedule - Web based, application service provider model (i.e. subscription). Features, screenshots, personnel scheduling terms of service and contact details.
  • Retain International - Resource planning systems for scheduling staff and facilities software with wallchart software planner interface.
  • EspSoftware - esp (Employee Schedule Partner) and etc (Employee Time Card) applications. software Product features, screen shots, FAQs and requirements.
  • InTime - Industry specific scheduling software and training. Press releases personnel scheduling and articles, product brochures and demos, and contact personnel scheduling information.
  • DBI Staff Scheduler - Multi-user application. Features with screenshots, FAQs, support services personnel scheduling and human resources contact details.
  • Hudson Software - LAN based In-Out Board. Features, benefits, screenshot, client testimonials, awards, human resources reviews, troubleshooting, downloads, and telephone message pad replacement, timesheet and human resources Australian Postcode finder products.
  • Elf Productivity Ltd - Software modules include time and attendance, absence management, software employee tracking, software access control, personnel, roistering and visitor software management.
  • Asgard Systems - Employee and staff scheduling software manages shift schedules, time off, attendance, absence and vacations. It tracks and analyses actual activity and prepares data for payroll. Download free-trial.
  • Inoutboard - Browser based In-Out board. Products range from application software service provider (i.e. subscription) to software, features, screenshots, software faqs, implementation guide, pricing, purchase and contact details.
  • - Share rosters online, keep staff up to date human resources with SMS and email alerts.

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