Lighting-Design Construction Industry-Specific Software

Lighting calculation software for Windows and Macintosh. Allows to determine lamp selection and fixture spacing for general, task, and art lighting.

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See Also:
  • Architectural Lighting Design Software - Rayfront - Radiance based lighting design and architectural visualisation software. Lighting design lighting-design glossary.
  • Rayforge Services - Offers Olivia and Fiona software packages to check your outdoor industry-specific lighting design for compliance with dark sky requirements and unobstrusiveness.
  • AutoLUX - Performs exterior direct lighting calculations within your AutoCAD drawing session.
  • Adeline - A lighting simulation and visualization package based on construction Superlite and lighting-design Radiance.
  • Lighting Analysts, Inc. - Lighting calculation and visualization software for daylighting and construction electric lighting industry-specific prediction. Products include AGI32, AGI-Light, Photometric construction Toolbox32 and WebZC.
  • LightCalc Lighting Design Software - Lighting calculation software for Windows and Macintosh. construction Allows to lighting-design determine lamp selection and fixture spacing construction for general, task, and lighting-design art lighting.
  • Relux Informatik AG - A lighting calculation program for Windows with free standard version industry-specific for electrical lighting. Pro version adds daylighting and US format industry-specific luminaire data import.
  • Crouse-Hinds Luxicon Software - Lighting calculation software targeted at industrial lighting applications.
  • Trevor Caswell Software - The Perfect Lite series of lighting calculation programs lighting-design for MS-DOS.
  • Lighting Technologies, Inc. - Lighting calculation software such as Lumen Micro and lighting-design the Simply Lighting series.

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