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The Box Office Professional (BoxPro) family of software systems is designed to run the ticketing operations of theatres, opera and ballet houses, concert or sporting venues and public arenas of all sizes.

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See Also:
  • Entertainment Data Solutions, Inc. - Quantix ticketing and POS software for entertainment facilities.
  • Ticketpro Systems - Computerized box office and concession systems for movie theaters and box office cinemas. Unix based system uses standard PCs and peripherals.
  • Nortech Software - Developers of event ticketing and ticket printing software box office for box office venues up to 400 seats.
  • TSD Consulting - The Box Office Professional (BoxPro) family of software entertainment industry systems entertainment industry is designed to run the ticketing operations entertainment industry of theatres, entertainment industry opera and ballet houses, concert or entertainment industry sporting venues and entertainment industry public arenas of all sizes.
  • Gateway Ticketing Systems, Inc. - High-speed, general admission, point of sale ticketing software entertainment industry and systems for the attraction, amusement, and intercity entertainment industry bus transportation industries.
  • TixOS - Ticketing and customer relationship management platform based around a central database connected through the Internet to standard PCs located in the venues or head office.
  • Provenue Ticketing Solutions - Ticketing software and services to fit any size venue.
  • Bigtree Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. - Vista software products for ticket sales, concessions sales, industry-specific and managing entertainment industry the cinema accounts.
  • Foothills Software - Home of Box Office Manager theatre software.
  • Galathea STS - Developers of ENTA and Bocs ticket sales software.
  • Markus Software Ltd. - Developers of Markus Cinema System for managing cinemas and cinema entertainment industry chains. Ticketing, concession sales, cash flow tracking and customer relations entertainment industry management.
  • Hellenic Technology of Robotics (HTR) - Olympia in-house ticket sales and management software for box office stadiums box office and theaters. Includes full customer accounts, graphic box office gate displays, box office ticket and barcode printing and web box office sales module.
  • EcorpNu Pty. Ltd. - Developers of BarcodeTicket, a web-based ticketing system with box office integrated industry-specific password protection of purchased tickets. Working demo box office on the industry-specific site.
  • Folio Box Office Software - Sell reserved seat and general admission tickets. Also reduces waste, increases control, and maintains accountability of ticket sales. Opens up new markets with the eFolio Internet ticketing module.
  • Center Stage Software - WinTix box office ticketing and accounting software and industry-specific WebTix internet-based industry-specific ticket sales.
  • Vendini, Inc. - Complete box office ticket solution. Sell tickets entertainment industry and e-tickets from both website and box office. entertainment industry Process payment, track sales, send email marketing entertainment industry campaigns, and get detailed reports.
  • VisionOne, Inc. - Offers ShoWare turn-key box office solutions, as well as ticket box office selling and distribution services.
  • Tix, Inc. - Software for online and box office ticket sales.
  • New Concepts Software, Inc. - Makers of Tick-It! box office ticketing and point industry-specific of sale entertainment industry software, including systems for both in industry-specific house and web based entertainment industry ticket sales.
  • Box Office Systems - Developers of Box Office Xpress ticketing software for entertainment industry Windows.

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