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Information and select sections of a book about indexing and compression techniques for documents and images. Also provides information about open source IR system released with the book.

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  • Glimpse - A Unix based indexing and query system. It software is good for indexing relatively small amounts of software data. Different types of indexes allow you to software trade off search speed for index size. The software default search engine used in Harvest.
  • Building Task-Specific Interfaces to High Volume Conversational Data - A scholarly paper by Loren G. Terveen, William C. Hill, software Brian Amento, David McDonald, and Josh Creter.
  • Cheshire II Project Home Page - Cheshire II is a "Next-Generation Online Catalog and software Full-Text Information Retrieval System." It features advanced software IR techniques, including support for Boolean and probabilistic software \\'best match\\' ranked searching, SGML/XML as the primary software data base f
  • dtSearch - Searches all popular file types, with features including information retrieval hit highlighting, natural language, fuzzy, phonic, boolean, proximity, information retrieval field, numeric range.
  • OpenText - Supplier of information retrieval and collaborative software.
  • Onix Full-Text Indexing and Retrieval Toolkit - Toolkit (SDK) for adding full-text indexing and searching information retrieval capabilities fulltext to applications. Ported to a wide information retrieval range of fulltext platforms and highly scalable. Designed information retrieval for use in fulltext both large and small scale information retrieval systems. Free evaluation download.
  • ISYS - Suite of search software products that finds information information retrieval in fulltext multiple file formats and languages. Features product information retrieval descriptions, evaluation fulltext version download, company profile and contact information retrieval information.
  • FreshStart - Bankruptcy software in WordPerfect and MS-Word for legal professionals. Menu-driven data input and automatic form compilation in official forms typeset format for Chapters 7, 9, 11, 12, 13. Electronic filing (ECF) compatible.
  • Lucene Search Engine - Jakarta Lucene is a full-featured text search engine written entirely software in Java, and it is an open source project available software for free download from Apache Jakarta. The current goals of software the project are primarily to provide application and also a software platform for
  • Ultraseek Server - The tools they use at their site for fulltext sale. Demo version available for download.
  • Thunderstone Software - Thunderstone has a number of full text search related software products including their flagship text/relational database, Texis.
  • WinOcular Document Imaging - Combined Computer Resources, Inc. (CCR), a software developer information retrieval and integrator, specializes in customizing and integrating document information retrieval imaging, COLD report management and workflow software products.
  • ClusterClick - Full-text indexing of desktop documents for researchers, journalists, fulltext and historians information retrieval with low indexing overhead 13 percent fulltext beyond document space. Also information retrieval displays the most important fulltext words from each document. [Windows 95/98]
  • Megaputer Intelligence - Megaputer provides a complete family of unique solutions information retrieval for information retrieval Natural Language Text Retrieval and Analysis, Data information retrieval Mining and information retrieval Knowledge Discovery in Databases.
  • Isearch - Free software for indexing and searching text documents, using full fulltext text and field based search, relevance ranked results, Boolean queries, fulltext and heterogeneous databases. Support for document types such as HTML, fulltext SGML, mail folders, and USMARC.
  • KE Software Inc. - KE Texpress is an object/relational database that supports fulltext text information retrieval as well as multimedia objects. Runs fulltext on a wide variety information retrieval of platforms including fulltext Linux.
  • Managing Gigabytes - Information and select sections of a book about information retrieval indexing software and compression techniques for documents and images. information retrieval Also software provides information about open source IR information retrieval system released with software the book.
  • Simple Web Indexing System for Humans - SWISH-Enhanced is a fast, powerful, flexible, free, and easy to fulltext use system for indexing collections of Web pages or other fulltext text files.
  • SearchExpress - Provides document scanning, optical character recognition and full-text fulltext searching.
  • Zebra Z39.50 Search Engine - Zebra is a fulltext and free-text indexing and retrieval system information retrieval that conforms to ANSI standard Z39.50. It is very good information retrieval for indexing and searching highly structured data such as MARC information retrieval records, and GILS records. The Zebra server is freely available information retrieval for nonco
  • Web Search Engine Software - Create and maintain a search engine using information retrieval a perl script and database management tool.
  • The Combine Harvesting Robot - Combine is an open system for harvesting and software threshing (indexing) fulltext Internet resources.
  • MicroISIS by UNESCO - Non-numerical information storage and retrieval software developed to information retrieval allow information retrieval institutions, especially in developing countries, to streamline information retrieval their information information retrieval processing activities.
  • H5 Technologies - Develops enterprise software that intelligently processes text-based information fulltext using automated fulltext information indexing and tagging.
  • IB Search Engine - High speed, fully featured, multilingual fielded fulltext engine. information retrieval Available fulltext for many platforms including Solaris, BSD, information retrieval Linux and fulltext Windows-NT.
  • Dataware Technologies - Search engine vendor of BRS/Search, a text based fulltext core product, software and web enabled products.
  • ht://Dig - A complete world wide web indexing and searching system for software a small domain or intranet. Source code (GPL).
  • Dieselpoint, Inc. - Search software in 100% Java (J2EE) with parametric, information retrieval natural language and full-text search capabilities.

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