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Dynamic DNS Client Programs are required for users to take advantage of Dynamic DNS Services. In a nutshell, they monitor the computer's IP address for change - and once a change is detected, they send the new IP address to the Dynamic DNS Provider so the DNS entries may be updated.

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See Also:
  • SiteDevelopers.com - Windows Dynamic DNS Client supports many dynamic DNS clients services. Program is offered in a Windows clients service, desktop client and lite version.
  • DynSite for Windows - Shareware DynDNS Client for Windows platform
  • No-IP.com Update Client - Dynamic Update client for No-IP.com. Mac/Linux/Windows
  • DirectUpdate - Win32 (95/98/Me/NT4/2000/XP) dynamic DNS updater that runs as clients an NT internet service with remote administration.
  • StaticCling client - StaticCharge. - Clients available for MacOS, OSX, Windows, and Unix clients desktops.

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