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Enables you to copy to the clipboard the current document's address along with additional information such as the document's title, the current selection or both.

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  • DownloadWith - An extension to download files with external programs.
  • MozBraille - An extension to transform Mozilla or Firefox to seamonkey a stand alone accessible Internet browser designed for seamonkey blind or partially sighted users.
  • LookAhead - Created to provide for efficient usage of time usability while a extensions user performs Google searches by loading usability each result in its extensions own tab.
  • MozFBRH - Provides Middle-Click on most toolbar buttons.
  • ImageShowHide - Allows you to toggle images on webpages.
  • leech - Downloads all the files (images, video clips, zip archives, etc.) extensions from a single page.
  • mozless - Keyboard friendly navigation for Mozilla/Firefox.
  • One Click Dynamic Sidebar - A dynamic sidebar for Mozilla apps that include extensions many programs extensions in one sidebar.
  • Autoscroll - An addon for Mozilla and Phoenix that emulates seamonkey the autoscrolling functionality of Internet Explorer.
  • Copy URL+ - Enables you to copy to the clipboard the current document\\'s seamonkey address along with additional information such as the document\\'s title, seamonkey the current selection or both.
  • AutoCopy - Allows one to select text on any web page and have it automatically copied to the clipboard.
  • Optimoz - The Optimoz plans to perform widespread beta testing usability of gestures usability in Mozilla and to perform the usability development of robust pie usability menu support for Mozilla.
  • downloadstatusbar - An extension that allows you to keep track of ongoing seamonkey and completed downloads in a statusbar.
  • easyGestures Pie Menus - easyGestures is a extension for Mozilla Firefox that extensions replaces context extensions menus with easy-to-navigate context menus. extensions Includes a config diaglouge extensions and uninstaller.
  • MultiZilla - MultiZilla is the first tabbed browser UI for Mozilla and seamonkey has enhanced features over the default implementation.
  • firstfield - Adds a new hotkey (Ctrl+;) which focuses on extensions the first seamonkey text field on the page.

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