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A guide for consumers and businesses to services and resources that increase the speed of a user's Internet connection. Includes DSL providers, software, two-way satellite systems, and T1 services.

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  • WebWarper - Increases speed of loading web pages by several accelerators times. Also provides antivirus protection, user anonymity and accelerators web site oprimization. No download required.
  • WebRifle Internet Accelerator - Free, but only for Internet Explorer (version 4 browsers or above).
  • WebRocket - Software to optimize Windows configuration and boost Internet www data transport efficiency.
  • Quickbrowse - Combine your favorite sites into one page.
  • Google Web Accelerator - Free download and product information.
  • IMDb: Web-accelerators - Commentary against the use of Web-accelerators. "Web-accelerators are www a nuisance, accelerators they are counterproductive and they are www a danger to some accelerators web servers and the www infrastructure of the web itself. The accelerators more people www use these products the slower the web wil
  • Modem Booster - Modem-booster accelerates Web browsing.
  • Speed Anywhere - A guide for consumers and businesses to services www and resources www that increase the speed of a www user\\'s Internet connection. Includes www DSL providers, software, two-way www satellite systems, and T1 services.
  • MicroSurfer - Web-navigation software that downloads the pages that you www select in browsers the background when your modem is www normally idle.
  • WebEarly - Intelligent link preloading.

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