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A collection of tools, including a Color Picker similar to the one found in Photoshop, an Eyedropper that helps to get a color reading from anywhere in the browser window and a Page Zoomer that helps set the page zoom to anything between 20 and 1000 perce

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Editor's Picks:

Firebug* - Tools for web development, allow inspect, edit and monitor CSS, HTML and JavaScript live in any web page. Include documentation, FAQs, videos and discussion groups.

  • Flash Tracer - Shows all the output generated by any running developer tools flash swf movies ( the output generated by developer tools the trace flash method ).
  • HTML Validator - An HTML and SGML validator, based on the HTML Tidy and OpenSP algorithms originally developed by W3C. Checks pages on the fly.
  • Tuvbar - Toolbar extension for helping penetration-testers test the security of websites, developer tools networks and webpages.
  • Firefox Extensions for Web Developers - A list of extensions built primarily for web developer tools designers extensions and programmers.
  • Aardvark - By clicking an element you will able to firefox remove, view firefox source, isolate and see element information.
  • cuneAform HTML/XHTML Editor - cuneAform has been designed to create a HTML Editor that developer tools anyone can use.
  • Dust-Me Selectors - Finds and display unused CSS selectors.
  • View Source Chart - Draws a color, coded chart of a webpage\'s extensions source code.
  • ColorZilla - A collection of tools, including a Color Picker developer tools similar firefox to the one found in Photoshop, an developer tools Eyedropper that firefox helps to get a color reading developer tools from anywhere in firefox the browser window and a developer tools Page Zoomer that helps firefox set the page zoom developer tools to anything between 20 and firefox 1000 perce
  • Colour Contrast Analyser - Reveals the colour contrast of all elements in extensions the DOM.
  • FirePHP - Allows to print to the Firebug Console using developer tools a simple PHP function call.
  • LinkChecker - Check the validity of links in a html firefox document.
  • DOM Inspector - A tool that can be used to inspect and edit developer tools the live DOM of a web document or XUL application. developer tools Restores functionality present prior to Firefox 3.0. Description and user developer tools comments.
  • ConsoleĀ² - Firefox extension that replaces the JavaScript Console. Display developer tools errors firefox filtered by type (Errors, Warnings, Messages), language developer tools (JavaScript, CSS, firefox XML) and context (Chrome, Content). Useful developer tools for web and firefox extension developers.
  • Modify Headers - Allows the user to add, modify and filter out HTTP extensions request headers.
  • Web Developer Extension - A toolbar with useful functions for website authors. Includes download, full feature list, screenshots, and discussion forums.
  • Michael's Firefox Extensions - Extensions for HTML, CSS and RSS validation.
  • JS Console Extras - Adds a JS Console context-menu item which presents a "Toolbars" submenu for hiding or showing the eval / mode toolbars.

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