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Provides an overview and solutions to this vulnerability which, theoretically, affects all applications utilizing the Internet Explorer HTML rendering engine.

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  • The Register: Three New MS Security Holes - Two Nasty - Includes: MSXML may ignore IE security zone settings during a browsers request for data from a Web site; and a VBscript browsers problem which allows an attacker to read files on a browsers victim\'s local drive, or eavesdrop on his browsing session.
  • Microsoft: Q167614 - Update Available For "Frame Spoof" Security Issue - An update that addresses a potential security security issue with regard to the use of frames security in Internet Explorer.
  • Privacy Secrets of MicroSoft's Internet Explorer - Security and internet privacy issues of Global Histories, Cookies, and security Cache while browsing with Mac Explorer 5.0
  • The Register: Cumulative IE Patch for Maicious Cookies - A fairly serious flaw in Internet Explorer which browsers would enable a malicious Web page or e-mail browsers to drop a cookie containing an HTML script browsers on a victim\\'s machine and run it in browsers the \\'Local Computer\\' zone rather than the Internet browsers zone to avoid restrictions has j
  • The Register: MS Security Patch Fails on Local Files - The MS patch intended to fix a data binding flaw internet explorer in IE, which enables a script to call executables on internet explorer your Windows machine using the object tag, does not protect internet explorer against malicious files launched from a local directory.
  • CNET: Buffer-overflow Bug in IE - "Microsoft is urging users of its Internet Explorer security browser to download a patch for a newly security discovered buffer-overflow security bug. The bug takes advantage security of the way some versions of the IE security browser handle long strings of JScript code."
  • Wired News: IE Hole-Finder in Odd Position - A hacker who discovered a potentially devastating security internet explorer hole browsers in Microsoft\\'s Internet Explorer says he has internet explorer found himself browsers in the undesired position of providing internet explorer technical support to browsers people who cannot install the internet explorer patch that Microsoft released browsers to fix the f
  • GreyMagic Security: Appendix to "IE allows universal Cross Site Scripting" - Explains how the "ANALYZE.DLG" resource can be manipulated to allow the execution of arbitrary code in the My Computer" zone.
  • Security Fix: Internet Explorer Unsafe for 284 Days in 2006 - Brian Krebs explains the methodology behind the statistics internet explorer that resulted in this headline.
  • Wired News: IE Bug Can Lead to Strange Search - Describes a security hole which can be exploited to change users\' search sites or to serve up offensive ads.
  • Retrieving Information on Local Files in IE - Explains how the IMG element\\'s dynsrc attribute can security be exploited to test the existence of, find security the size of, find the date last updated/modified security of, and the creation date of, an arbitrary security local file. By GreyMagic Security.
  • CERT Advisory: Buffer Overflow in Microsoft Internet Explorer - Provides an overview and solutions to this vulnerability browsers which, theoretically, affects all applications utilizing the Internet browsers Explorer HTML rendering engine.
  • Scott Schnoll's Internet Explorer Security - Information on Internet and web browser security as well as browsers Microsoft Internet Explorer security features and flaws.
  • The Register: IE, Outlook Run Malicious Commands Without Scripting - An attacker can run arbitrary commands on Windows internet explorer machines browsers with a simple bit of HTML, an internet explorer Israeli security browsers researcher has demonstrated. The exploit will internet explorer work with IE, browsers Outlook and Outlook Express even internet explorer if active scripting and browsers ActiveX are disabled in internet explorer the brow
  • Executing Arbitrary Commands Without Active Scripting or ActiveX - Advisory by GreyMagic Security explains how a vulnerability in elements can be exploited with data binding.
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.x 5.x - Frame Loop Vulnerability - Advisory by USSR: "It is possible to create internet explorer a browsers malicious webpage that when visited by an internet explorer IE user browsers all of their system resources are internet explorer devoured and depending browsers on the system its possible internet explorer that the machine can browsers even crash and reboot internet explorer itself."
  • Wired News: IE Hole Surrenders Your Computer - An attacker can gain control of another user\\'s machine using browsers an HTML-formatted e-mail with an attachment that contains a small browsers remote-control program. The e-mail can be sent directly to the browsers victim, or can be placed on a website.
  • Windows Security Guide: Internet Explorer - Descriptions, and patch information, for vulnerabilities affecting various internet explorer versions internet explorer of this browser.

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