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A layout engine, or rendering engine, is software that takes marked up content (such as HTML, XML, image files, etc.) and formatting information (such as CSS, XSL, etc.) and displays the formatted content on the screen. A rendering engine is typically used for web browsers, e-mail clients, or other applications that require the displaying (and editing) of web contents.

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See Also:
  • Gecko - Maintained and primarily used by the Mozilla Corporation rendering engines on Firefox, Nvu and Thunderbird. [Open-Source, Mozilla tri-license]
  • KHTML - Rendering engine maintained by the KDE project and used in rendering engines Konqueror. [GNU]
  • WebKit - Originally derived by Apple from the KHTML software browsers library of browsers Konqueror. Primarily used by Safari and browsers Google Chrome. [Open-Source, LGPLv2/BSD-style]
  • Opera Presto - Proprietary rendering engine maintained by Opera Software. Used rendering engines by www the Opera Browser.
  • Trident - Rendering engine used on the Windows versions of www Internet Explorer. rendering engines Also known as MSHTML.
  • GtkHTML - Designed to be implemented into GTK applications requiring www lightweight HTML functionality. [GPL]

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