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  • Usnatch - Open source Rexx script for bridging the gaps browsers between Lynx, browsers media players such as mplayer and browsers VLC capable of playing browsers in console mode, and browsers streaming video sites like YouTube.
  • Lynx for Win32 by Patakuti - Presents a Windows port which includes an installer, making manual browsers editing of configuration files unnecessary.
  • Lynx - Text-based browser for Mac OS X and a lynx terminal window browsers (xterm, Terminal application.)
  • Lynx for DOS and Win32 - A port in progress of Lynx2.8 for Win32 browsers (95/NT) as well as 386+ DOS machines.
  • Blynx: Speech-Friendly Lynx Help Files - Lynx support files tailored for blind and visually handicapped users
  • Lynx Help for Beginners - Philip Webb provides an instruction manual for the text-based new user text-based (and others).
  • Lynx Developers List Archives - An archive of the lynx-dev mailing list, from February 1994 to the present.
  • Bobcat - A reduced version of Lynx for DOS, 8086 and up.
  • Lynx Source Distribution - Primary Lynx source distribution, and potpourri (mirrors, and resources).

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