w3m Text-Based Browsers WWW

w3m is a text-based world wide web client capable of rendering HTML documents fetched through HTTP as well as ones on the local system. Capable of displaying frames, tables, and even images (in X terminals). Runs on UNIX, Linux, Windows, and Darwin.

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Editor's Picks:

w3m Homepage* - The official homepage of w3m, a text-based browser and pager from Japan.

  • w3m-mee - A variant of w3m with support text-based for multiple browsers character encodings.
  • w3m-inu - A developer\\'s release that integrates various patches from text-based the w3m-dev text-based and w3m-dev-en mailing lists.
  • w3m - A collection of w3m resources, including screenshots, manuals, browsers and information about various patches.
  • Extension patches of w3m - Various patches, some of which have been merged into w3m.
  • Emacs-w3m - A simple Emacs interface to w3m.

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