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A review of the field of CSCW with respect to digital libraries; covers both library and information science and computer science.

    Top: Computers: Software: Internet: Servers: Collaboration: Research

  • The Caelum Toolkit - a general framework for the construction of groupware research and CSCW applications.
  • Collaborative Software Development Laboratory - provides a physical, organizational, technological, and intellectual environment conducive to servers collaborative development of world-class software engineering skills.
  • Helping CSCW Applications Succeed - This study found that the use of a computer conferencing servers system in a research and development lab was significantly shaped servers by a set of intervening actors, "mediators", who actively guided servers and manipulated the technology and its use over time.
  • GroupLab Research - Abstract and text of CSCW research papers from servers GoupLab, 1983-1999.
  • Everything's Coming Up Virtual - Research paper about virtual organizations and the information servers technology needed research to support them. Published in servers Crossroads, the ACM student research magazine.
  • Groupware Design Issues - Elaboration of the primary issues in designing collaborative systems, including servers issues of group size and structure, floor control, privacy, and servers groupware adoption.
  • Internet Groupware for Scientific Collaboration - A "manifesto" for how groupware technologies could dramatically collaboration improve the efficiency of scientific collaboration.
  • A Survey of Applications of CSCW for Digital Libraries - A review of the field of CSCW with collaboration respect to digital libraries; covers both library collaboration and information science and computer science.
  • Modifying CSCW Environments Dynamically for Supporting Virtual Enterprises - In CSCW environments data and operations can be shared by collaboration users and/or they can have collaboration their own defined data and operations which may collaboration not be shared by other users.
  • CSCW Evaluation in Five Types - One of the potentially confusing aspects of evaluation within computer-supported cooperative work (CSCW) is that there are many activities one might wish to carry out at different times that evaluate socio-technical systems. I identify five ideal types:
  • Physical and Virtual Tools: - Activity theory applied to the design of Groupware.
  • CSCW Annotated Bibliography - An annotated bibliography, through 1991, of computer supported cooperative work. This bibliography is a part of the Computer Science Bibliography Collection.
  • Introduction to Groupware - Groupware is software that helps groups of people work together. collaboration This introduction explains the goals and purposes of groupware, collaboration and some of the challenges involved.
  • Typical Groupware Applications - An overview of the primary groupware applications, including servers both synchronous groupware (video, chat, shared drawing) and servers asynchronous (email, workflow, newsgroups).

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