Unix, Linux, BSD FTP Servers Internet

FTP servers for computers running one of the Unix, Linux or BSD operating systems.

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  • Jscape - Platform independent FTP server with support for FTP/S ftp and HTTP/S protocols.
  • Small, portable and efficient FTP server. - Small, portable and efficient FTP server, with online unix, linux, bsd administration and many security features.
  • ProFTPD - Designed from the ground up for security, configurability ftp and ease of administration.
  • GFTPD - Full featured FTP server with SSL/TLS support for Linux.
  • glFTPd - This is a full-featured free FTP server for servers *nix systems with integrated administrative and statistics features.
  • NcFTPd - Designed especially for high-traffic sites and internet service unix, linux, bsd ftp providers.
  • vsftpd - The "Very Secure FTPD" is a *nix (Unix, unix, linux, bsd Linux) FTP Server. Used by ftp.kernel.org

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