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Official home of the replacement for sendmail. Much content in several languages, including news, links, user documentation and software, tips, and advice.

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qmail* - Official home of the replacement for sendmail. Much content in several languages, including news, links, user documentation and software, tips, and advice.

  • SPAMbaffle - A SPAM filter for Qmail which can be installed by qmail individual users or the system administrator.
  • Qmail Man Pages - The entire set of manual pages.
  • Creating POP Accounts - Setting up pop email accounts in qmail\'s Maildir mail format.
  • Qmail Mailing List Archives - Browse or search mailing list archives.
  • Helios qmail distribution - Advanced qmail distribution based on qmail-sql which has servers SMTP/ SMTPS/ POP3/ POP3S/ IMAP/ IMAPS services, antivirus servers and antispam filters, antispoof, SMTP-AUTH, SMTP-after-POP/IMAP, PHP5 API servers and many other useful tools.
  • Bayespam - A qmail spam filter which uses statistical word mail analysis on qmail incoming email.
  • Virtual Qmail - BSD licensed package allowing you to easily administrate servers virtual domains under qmail. Includes CGI programs to servers use on you WWW pages.
  • Paul Gregg: Projects - Various scripts and an article on the userless servers mail hub mail configuration.
  • Wikipedia: qmail - Encylopedia article with background, links, and details of qmail controversies.
  • The Qmail Newbie's Guide to Relaying - FAQs explaining relaying as it pertains to qmail, how to do it selectively, and some of the pitfalls involved.
  • Content Filtering with Qmail - Two scripts that allow content filtering on incoming email.
  • Anti-Spam Howto - Discusses anti-spam philosophies from a variety of perspectives mail and provides information about available options for dealing mail with spam within qmail.
  • Qmail: A Replacement for Sendmail - Dan J. Bernstein\\' qmail pages: information, software, coding qmail philosophy, mail servers list information, surveys, win $500 if qmail a security hole is servers found, and future plans.
  • lnter7 - Provide commercial support of qmail and related mail services. Inter7 servers has supplied the needs of federal, state, global, and international servers operations along with small organizations.
  • QmailAdmin - A free software package that provides a web mail interface for managing a qmail system with virtual mail domains. Includes documentation and downloads.
  • Vpopmail - A free GPL software package to manage virtual email domains servers and non /etc/passwd email accounts on Qmail or Postfix mail servers servers.
  • Ezmlm - An easy-to-use and high-speed mailing list manager. Includes mail installation instructions, servers manuals, FAQ, version tracking, and source mail downloads.
  • Newbie's Guide to Qmail - A step-by-step guide to installing Qmail. Includes qmail a complete servers shell script suite for configuring, compiling qmail and installing Qmail and servers related Qmail utilities.
  • Selective Relaying with Tcpserver and Qmail-smtpd - Short article on relaying with qmail.
  • Qmail Knowledge Base - A growing collection of links, questions and answers mail in a mail categorized, searchable format.

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