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With Coreport enterprise portals, users can create their own portals, add specialized content, assemble dynamic business processes, and manage online communities.

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  • Ecensity - Provides an affordable, non-invasive, personalization solution for Java-based servers web applications and sites using profiles and rules..
  • MaxMind - Determine the geographical location of website visitors based internet on the IP addresses for applications such as internet fraud detection, content localization, geo-targeted ads, traffic analytics, internet digital rights management, and regulatory compliance.
  • Digital Envoy - IP Intelligence solutions that utilize IP addresses to non-invasively uncover internet information about online users such as location, domain name and internet connection speed for applications including online advertising, customization, local search, internet analytics and onlin
  • Corechange - With Coreport enterprise portals, users can create their servers own portals, personalization add specialized content, assemble dynamic business servers processes, and manage online personalization communities.
  • Radica - A personalization and eCRM vendor in Asia, which internet focuses on the development of enterprise-scale eCRM, knowledge internet management and e-intelligence software with Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) internet technology.
  • Changing Worlds - ClixSmart range of personalization toolkits to build smart applications for digital TV, portals, e-commerce and mobile domains.
  • Rocketinfo - A technology company providing personalized information solutions to organizations. Solutions based on e-Intelligence Platform consisting of proprietary neural network and intelligent agent technologies.
  • Geo targeting IP Address to Country City Region ISP Database - IP Country mapping Database - Geo-targeting IP Address personalization to Country.
  • Java IP Address Locator - Solution for Java developers who want to use internet geographic location personalization in their applications. Code is based internet on a customized local personalization whois database that can internet perform over half a million lookups personalization per second.
  • Strategic Data Corporporation - SDC\\'s PerfectClerk offers rules-based personalization software giving web personalization sites the power to deliver highly targeted marketing personalization messages to visitors in real time.
  • Platypus Technologies LLC - Developer of high-performance clustering and classification software.
  • SiteBrand - Enables companies to capture real-time website performance analytics, deliver targeted content via the web and e-mail, and personalize communication.
  • Quova - Solutions for companies that want to use the geographic location servers of web site visitors to enhance their security, marketing or servers regulatory compliance.
  • - CRM analytics and marketing strategy solutions by turning data into insights.
  • ATG - Combines information from marketing databases and user behavior internet to dynamically servers display personalized content.
  • InfoSplit - Offers geotargeting using Netlocator, which can pinpoint the internet location of internet any IP address. Can be used internet to build real-time targeted internet pages and to generate internet market reports.
  • NetGeo - Delivers technology that identifies web visitors\\' geographic location, the company or organization to which they belong and their connection to the Internet.
  • CRM Guru - A news/community site for the CRM industry

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