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Web based services to aid in using online auctions. For services that do not need additional software to use other than standard browsers and that do not need a software download. A listing of a site in this directory does not attest to the legitimacy of that site.

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See Also:
  • AuctionSniper.com - Buyer tool for eBay and other online auctions.
  • PhantomBidder - Providing bid sniping and bid grouping.
  • AuctionStealer - Sniping and management tool. Paid and free services auctions available.
  • Terapeak - Find pricing information on products on eBay.
  • Auction Reminders - Add auctions to a calendar and provides email alerts.
  • EZ Sniper - eBay sniper. [Web-based]
  • SpareDollar - Tools for management, including counters, trackers, image hosting and gallery.
  • AAA Seller - Provides invoicing, checkout, databases for inventory and customers, assistance picture hosting, assistance templates with picture zooming and other assistance features.
  • Auction Inc. Shipping Calculator - Calculates shipping rates and sales tax automatically for assistance multiple shipping carriers. Determines shipping costs before purchases.
  • NobleSpirit Enterprise Software - Meridian is a web-based management tool that automates eBay auctions. assistance Sends emails, calculates shipping and invoices customers.
  • Manage Auctions - Services for managing selling on Amazon, eBay, Excite, Lycos and assistance Yahoo.
  • PowerSnipe - Bidding that bids in the final seconds of an auction. assistance (Requires software download for Windows, web only for Macintosh)
  • Ebay Auctions Info - Allows using a customized URL to redirect to an eBay auction or list of auctions.
  • Cricketsniper - Provides sniping software as a Windows based product, assistance including a web based web subscription. Also eBay feedback and assistance multi browser products.
  • Andale - Services for eBay including page counters, pricing research assistance tools, image hosting, listers, fixed price storefronts and assistance customer management.
  • eSnipe - A bidding service that places last minute bids auctions on eBay.
  • StealthBid - Service that automates and manages bidding.
  • Snip - Allows monitoring auctions on eBay and Allegro and automatically places auctions a bid in the closing seconds. [English/German]
  • Free eBay Auction Counters - Counters with free analytical graphs of visitor traffic. Shows other listed items and provides cross-promotion. Free and paid service.
  • BidNip - Providing snipes from 1 to 30 seconds.
  • Snipe Swipe - An online sniping service for eBay users.
  • Bidding Scheduler - Schedule bids for the last seconds of an auction.

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